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Buyer’s Guide: Choose the Best Car Ramps and Wheel Chocks

Car ramps, also known as floor ramps, trailer ramps and auto ramps, are ramps that you can drive your car onto to elevate the front or rear wheels. They’re often made of high-strength plastic or aluminium, or even metal. In relation to this, it is ill-advised that you make your own ramps even though it is simplistic in nature. Ramps are extensively tested to verify load capacity over a large number of loading cycles to make sure that they are safe before being sold. So DIY ramps or making a backyard version is a guaranteed way to hurt yourself.

Also, wheel chocks are often used in conjunction with car ramps. It’s used to stabilize a car once on ramps. They are wedges that you place under a wheel to prevent the wheel from rolling in either direction. They are most often made of rubber, aluminium or hard metal.

So when do you use these valuable car accessories? You use ramps and chocks when you want to raise the front of your car and when you want to load your car into a trailer or onto a platform. You usually see ramps and chocks used for transport and for display at auto shows.

Come to think of it, the greatest advantage when using car ramps is the convenience factor. It takes considerably less time to drive your car up on a set of ramps and chock one of your wheels as compared to floor jacks and place jack stands. However, using jack stands is always recommended as an added precaution.

Now you know what ramps, chocks and jacks and stands are for in transporting your car. While it is not necessary, it is helpful to have a spotter available to guide you off of the trailer. And if you need a ramp for whatever situation, don’t risk DIY as you need to be sure that your ramp is sturdy and safe. Ensure that you have a ramp that is safe to use and looks great by employing the services of a carpenter.

Whichever option you decide on, we are happy to help you find the product that’s just right for you. Please always feel free to contact us with any questions.

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