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Buyers Guide: What to Consider When Buying Quality Chocks?

Chocking, also known as blocking, is done to prevent trucks and trailers from unintentionally moving, like rolling or overturning, while workers are loading, unloading, hitching, unhitching or servicing the vehicle. Unintentional movement is a scary and dangerous situation. It can cause injury and in some cases death. So make sure you invest in chocks that are specifically designed for the type of vehicle you are driving, especially paying attention to size.

There are several different types of wheel chocks to consider. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages:

  1. Laminated Rubber Wheel Chocks
  2. Rubber Wheel Chocks
  3. Molded Rubber Chocks
  4. Extruded Rubber Chock
  5. Molded plastic wheel chocks
  6. Aluminum wheel chock
  7. Airplane Wheel Chock Set

The nice thing about chocks is that since they are so simple, there are only a few considerations that you must make when purchasing a set.

Keep the following things in mind with regards to wheel chocks:

  • Vehicle weight rating: Make sure you purchase a set of wheel chocks designed for your vehicle’s weight. Heavier vehicles will require stronger, heavier, more expensive chocks (the weight rating should be on the packaging).
  • Material: Chocks are available in urethane, rubber, aluminium and other materials. Each offers something different, from lightweight portability to heavier weights to better grip on the tire.
  • Weight: One of the most important considerations here is weight. A lightweight chock might be fine for use with a compact car and a gentle grade, but it wouldn't work well with a full-size SUV on a steeper hill. The weight of the chock helps to prevent the vehicle from pushing it out of the way.
  • Number of chocks: Check the number of wheel chocks sold in the package. Most should come in sets of two (you generally want to chock two tires). However, some are sold in singles.
  • Storage design: Some chocks are designed to fit inside one another (known as nesting) for easy storage. Others cannot be nested.

So What Now?

So now you should have a pretty good idea when you’re looking for and when selecting a chock set. It’s important to remember that there are tons of great options out there when it comes to these types of tools. So if the above aren’t quite the right fit for what you are looking for, take a look to see if something suits you a little better by clicking here to explore other floor ramp options, or simply contact us.

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