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Tips & Tricks: How to Use Car Service Ramps

Car service and maintenance ramps are an easy substitute to jack stands – as long as you use them correctly. It may take a couple tries and even practice to drive up them if you have placed them on a smooth floor. But once up and centred, your car should be stable, safe and ready to work on.

How to choose the right Car Service Ramps?

First, check the maximum rated load. This is the most important characteristic of your ramp.

Things to remember:

  • The larger this number, the safer you'll be.
  • A ramp's rating refers to the maximum Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) that can be driven onto the ramp. You can find the GVW on your driver's door sticker or owner's manual.
  • The ramp's rating should be well above your car's GVW, to allow for a margin of error or a front-heavy car. This rating usually assumes you are using two ramps.

For example, a pair of ramps rated to 2-tonne ( can hold the front half of a 4-tonne vehicle when using both ramps together.

  • Consider the country of manufacture because ramps made in the United States, Australia and the European Union are typically subject to stricter quality control than ramps from other countries.
  • Read reviews. Some car owners tell horror stories of a ramp collapsing under much less than the rated load.

Secondly, decide whether you need low-clearance ramps or ramp extensions. There are ramps that have a more gradual incline, some tend to be expensive. So make sure you only buy specialized ramps if you're sure a regular ramp won't do.

Thirdly, check for a rubber stop (the underside ramps that include a rubber component). This rubber will make the ramp less likely to slide when the car starts to drive up them.

Fourthly, look for signs of damage in the ramps and throw it away if you see any obvious signs of rust, cracks, or other damage.

Fifth, purchase a set of wheel chocks for the rear wheels, too. Use at least two wheel rubber chocks. This is highly recommended!

If the above isn't quite the right fit for what you are looking for, take a look to see if something suits you a little better by clicking here to explore other ramp and chock options in

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