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Tips & Tricks Using your Car Ramp and Wheel Chock safely

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist or astrophysicist to realize that when you lift thousands of pounds of metal or plastic in the air and then climb under it, there are safety concerns related with this. Clearly, the great danger is that your car can fall and you might get squashed under it! Fortunately, if you follow these basic safety protocols, you don’t have to worry about these risks:

  • Make sure that your car is fully seated on the flat part of the ramp at all times

Position your car at the top on the flat spot when driving your car up the ramp. Do not make the mistake of parking and leaving your car on the slope of the ramp so that your car will not roll backwards.

  • Position your car in the centre of the ramp, wheels should not hang off at all.

Before going under your car, inspect each wheel to make sure it doesn’t hang off the ramp at all. Do a quick walk around. If it’s hanging off, simply back your car down, readjust the ramps, and drive back up. Remember that w wheel that hangs off the ramp can potentially work the ramp out from under the car by slowly sliding it out of the way. Good thing, this problem is easy to avoid.

  • Always chock at least one wheel

This is an extremely necessary task. When you had positioned your wheels on the ramp, but at least one chock at the front of the wheel that is still touching the ground. This will prevent the wheel from rolling in either direction. This will stop your car from moving both forwards and backwards.

Following these guidelines will secure your car properly and you can do your repair work. And if you’ve got questions and needed more guidance on which car ramp and wheel chock to buy feel free to contact us.

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