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EOFY Sale: Save 10% Storewide until June 30th. Use code EOFY20 at checkout
EOFY Sale: Save 10% Storewide until June 30th. Use code EOFY20 at checkout

Referral Program

5% cash back with ramp champ

Start making money with Ramp Champ today!

Do you have your own website and audience? Or, are you part of a club or organisation? Perhaps you just like sharing the things you like with your friends and family on social media. 

Whoever you are or whatever you do you can start earning money from your audience with Ramp Champ today.

We'll pay you a 5% commission from the total order value directly into your PayPal account for each person who purchases with us that you refer.

Here's an example of how you can earn from Ramp Champ:

Dave purchased a set of Digga 4 Tonne Ezi-Loada Loading Ramps from our store and thought that his friends would also like these ramps for their business. 

Dave signs up for our referral program and sends out an email to his mates telling them about the great ramps he just bought and the fantastic service he received from Ramp Champ. 

Kim and Pete are wrapped Dave emailed them and went ahead to visit Ramp Champ for themselves from the special link Dave gave them in his email.

Both Kim and Pete buy a pair of ramps each for their business for $1,747 each.

Dave then earns 5% from both Kim and Pete's purchases and gets paid $174.70 – not bad just for one email!


Ready to start earning?

Click on the link below to start your registration process and start earning now!

affiliate program registration for ramp champ


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