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ATV Ramps

Need Help Choosing A Motorcycle & ATV Ramps?

Whether you’re a professional racer of a hobbyist rider, transporting, unloading or offloading your equipment is a crucial task. With the right motorcycle & ATV ramps, loading your bike on your vehicle is easier, faster and safer. For help choosing the best suitable motorcycle & ATV ramps click the button below.

Help Me Find A Motorcycle & ATV Ramp

Why Do You Need Ramps for Your ATV?

Having an ATV is a fun and exciting way to move around, but without a good pair of ATV ramps, you’re pretty much out of luck. Loading your ATV, side by side or quad is a serious business and a good reason to go for the best ATV Ramp you can find.

At Ramp Champ, we got you covered. We have all kinds of ramps to help you load and move your three-wheeler or your quad the faster and safer way.

Types of ATV Ramps

  • Folding Ramps fold lengthways and are great for storing in small spaces such as the back of your ute or trailer.
  • Straight Ramps have no curve and are non-folding. These ramps are a simple and easy to use.
  • Curved Ramps feature a curve or arch in the upper part of the ramp which helps to prevent vehicles from bottoming out when transitioning from the ramp to the ute or trailer.
  • Fixed Ramps are permanently attached to the vehicle, usually sliding or folding from a fixed point at the rear of the vehicle.

Questions to Ask Yourself When Choosing an ATV Ramp

  • Will you be loading the ATV onto the ramp yourself or will you have some help?
  • What are you loading it onto? If you are loading onto a truck, you’re going to need a ramp that is adjusted to heights greater than if you are loading it onto a trailer or the back of a ute. Our handy Ramp Calculator can help you determine the correct length ramp for your requirements.
  • What is the weight of your ATV? You need to choose a ramp that has the right loading capacity.
  • How wide does your ramp need to be? You should always consider the size of your tyres or the width of your vehicle. Your vehicle's tyres will be the basis of the style of ramp you purchase.
  • What style is most suitable for your needs?

ATV Ramps from Ramp Champ

Our ramps are made of durable high-grade aluminium which make them strong and lightweight. They also come is various weight capacities that can support up to 3-Tonne so you can load a variety of vehicles without worry. Whatever type, length or weight capacities of ATV ramps you prefer, our team is ready to assist you.

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