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  • could i use this for my dogs over steps going from my deck

    Hi Ray,

    Good question! :)

    You definitely can use this for your dogs.

    Would you like me to send you a quotation for it? You may email me at with your phone number, email address and shipping details and I'd be more than glad to send you one.

    Thanks :)

  • Would this be suitable for a 4wd ute and saint bernard dog (70kg)

    Great question!

    There should be no issues using this folding dog ramp on a 4wd UTE. Keep in mind that the ramp is 1.8m long and if it were to be used at a 50% gradient, it would allow a max height of 900mm. It can also carry only a max capacity of 110kg.

  • Hi there, Once the dogs are in the dual cab vehicle, how can you secure the ramp to the tray top? Thanks

    Assuming the dogs have run up the ramp and are on the vehicle you could use a ratchet strap to tie down the ramp on the back of your ute.  

  • You say the ramp is suitable for a 4wd Ute with a loading height >125mm. ???? That's less than the height of a gutter! Do you mean >125cm (1.25m)? Does it fold with the non-slip surface in or out? Does it come with a security strap to the towbar/rear end of a ute to prevent movement when loading? Thanks

    Hi Ian,

    You seem to have spotted a good old blunder on our website - well done! 

    I think our website content writer may need to get his glasses checked as this ramp can certainly be used for heights over 125mm.

    There really isn't any maximum loading height for these ramps but as a general rule, you want to stay well below 50% gradient (for the dog's sake!). So anywhere up to 900mm height would be considered okay.

    The ramp folds with the non-slip surface facing out.

    No, the ramp does not come with a strap or positive connection method. However, you can use a strap and connect it to the ramp where the locking latch is or you can also use a pin/bolt through the connection plate to secure the ramp to your vehicle.

  • Do you deliver to Tasmania? Can't see it on the post code list?

    Hi Sue, 

    Yes we deliver this Aluminium Folding Dog Ramp to TAS. If you can provide us your shipping details we'll be glad to assist you with full pricing including freight to your location. You may call us at 1 300 913 947 or email us at

  • Is there any kind of protective material on the underside of the ramp, to protect car duco when you've got the ramp set up? Does it have anti-slip features that prevent the ramp itself slipping on the ground surface when a dog is going up or down? Looking for something that will remain secure on the ground and stable underfoot for the dog when it's carrying weight. Thanks :)

    Hi Wendy,

    Good question!

    The 1.8m Folding Aluminium Dog Ramp, 110kg Capacity has no protective material on the underside of the ramp - it is just the aluminium lip.

    Also, there is no anti-slip feature at the bottom of the ramp. Ultimately, if it is on a slippery surface like tiles, you could paint the bottom of the ramp with rubber paint to provide some sort of slip resistance. But it's not something the ramps come with.

    Hope this information helps :)

  • Is it suitable as a bed ramp? The ground in the bedroom is floorboards. And there isn't much room from the bed to extend it out fully (i.e. it can't be too steep as our dog is very old and mostly blind).

    Hi Shatha,

    Thanks for your question!

    We're noot exactly sure how you're intending to use it but we're thinking a bed might be too soft and slippery for the lip of the ramp to attach to.   It might be better with a set of steps.

    Hope this information helps :)

  • Is this type of ramp suitable for steps. I have 3 standard concrete external steps and need to set up a ramp for my dogs to use. I need to leave the ramp in place for about 2 to 3 months which means it would be exposed to the elements for this period of time. Would this ramp be suitable?

    Hi there,

    To be honest - we've never thought about the situation where the 1.8m Folding Aluminium Dog Ramp, 110kg Capacity ramp would be left outside permanently.    It is aluminium so technically corrosion shouldn't be an issue but we'd be more worried about the adhesive on the grip tape deteriorating over time. However, we'd say we could not think of any other cost effective solution and it may be worth a try if it is for only 2-3months. Please know however, that since it isn't part of it's usual use, it may void any warranty. 

  • If this ramp doesn't fit to the back of my Navaro ute can I return it with refund available?

    Hi Angela, 

    That is correct! Youa are covered by our EASY RETURNS POLICY and can return this item in case it will not work to your application. 

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