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Borum Industrial Jet Blast Water-Based Parts Washer Reviews

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  • Does this machine use any type of medium for cleaning like a vapour honing machine

    Hi Brad,

    Good question!

    The Borum Industrial Jet Blast Water-Based Parts Washer relies on pressurised water to clean. To run it, ideally you need the appropriate cleaning fluid and water.

  • could thiss be used to wet soda clean alluminium bike parts?

    Hi Ron,

    Thanks for your enquiry.

    The Borum Industrial Jet Blast Water-Based Parts Washer is ideal for busy garages, engineering shops and crash repairers, so it should work fine for bike parts I would say.

    About the soda part, I would suggest just using the recommended type of solution as it may void warranty if anything foreign is used alternatively.

  • I repair small electric power tools , having metal fileings in grease and oil . will this machine work ?

    Hi Randy,

    Given that any contact with water by an electric power based toll could potentially be fatail for any user, I would STRONGLY advise that this unit would not be suitable for that type of application.

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