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Ezi-Curb Rolled-Edge Driveway Kerb Ramp Reviews

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  • Hi, is there a distributor in SA , I would like to try a section before ordering a 6 metre length. if not what is the smallest section I can order, if its no good can I return this?

    There aren't any Ezi-Curb reps in SA currently. To ensure you get the right Ezi-Curb ramps we recommend you send in a photo of your driveway to us at where one of our friendly staff will help recommend the right gutter ramp for your needs.

  • when the straight Ezi-Curb Rolled-Edge Driveway kerb ramp will be available in stock ? I'm searching for a 5 meter straight one.

    Hi Georges, 

    The straight Ezi-Curb Rolled-Edge Driveway Kerb Ramp ramps should be back in stock by early May. You may want to check out the Driveway Rubber Kerb Ramp in 1m Sections for Rolled-Edge Kerb, which should also work well on your rolled-edge kerb. Feel free to email us at for a quotation with freight to your location. 

  • Is it able to be bolted down. I am afraid it will get stolen? Also what would delivery cost be to Kellyville. I would need 5.4M.

    Great question!

    This driveway kerb ramp does not need to be bolted into the ground but you may definitely bolt them in place if you prefer. Also, the shipping for the 5.4m straigt driveway kerb ramp to Kellyville NSW is $39.00.

  • I am looking for a 4 metre ramp - is the ezicurb in one piece or segments how is it bolted down to the concrete layback what is the freight cost to Glenhaven 2156 NSW or if you are in Sydney can I pick it up?

    Thanks for the questions about the Ezi Curb ramp. 

    Is the ezicurb in one piece or segments?
    Yes! The Ezi-Curb Rolled-Edge Driveway Kerb Ramp comes in two varying lengths which are 400mm and 1400mm. The end caps are also 400mm long. 
    For example, The 4m long Ezi-Curb Rolled-Edge Driveway Kerb Ramp is made up of 2 x 1400mm centre pieces, 1 x 400mm centre pieces and 2 x 400mm end piece.

    How is it bolted down to the concrete layback?
    These ramps sit on the concrete kerb and are not designed to be bolted in place. However, customers have told us in the past that they have drilled holes in the kerb ramp and have used Dyna bolts to attach the kerb ramp to the concrete. We would recommend asking for written permission from your local Council before permanently fixing anything to the kerb

    What is the freight cost to Glenhaven 2156 NSW
    - Freight costs can be calculated by clicking "Add to Cart" and then requesting an instant shipping quote on the cart page. Shipping costs vary depending on the length of the ramp you desire. We also offer free quotations if you'd prefer it in writing. Simply email our team at and we'll have a quote sent to you straight away.

    Can I pick it up?
    - Pickup may be arranged by special order from Cranebrook NSW 2749. 

  • Hi, you say this product can be bolted down. How is the done. Do I need to drill holes in each section and dynabolt them to the kerb? Can you just drill it with a standard drill bit? What are the specifications of the product. Width and length of each section. Thickness and height?

    Hi there,

    Great question! 

    This driveway kerb ramp does not need to be bolted down, however if you choose to do so, you may use a standard drill. This comes in different lengths and you can choose a straight kerb ramp version or curved kerb ramp version. It comes in varying lengths from 3.6m to 13.2m.

  • Who can install it and for how much, can you let me know asap otherwise I'll have to find a cheaper option. Thanks

    Hi Gustavo, 

    These Rolled-edge driveway kerb ramps do not need to be installed. But if you choose to do so, it will be as easy as drilling a hole, screwing in the bolt, adding the cap. 

  • Hi would like to ask if wheelchair can be used for Ezi-Curb Rolled-Edge Driveway Kerb Ramp our driveway is 45 angle we need to make it safer for a wheelchair going up and down it if you could get back to me 07 32648001 I have photos for you to see

    Hi Paul, 

    Yes, it should be fine for wheelchairs to transgress as it forms a flat surface between the valley of the kerb. It also has a non-slip surface meaning that wheelchairs and pedestrian traffic are safe to use the driveway kerb ramp.

  • When do you expect to have straight product?

    Hi Trevor,

    Hope all is well :)

    We do not have this item in stock and is still 4-6 weeks away. Only the curved ones are available. However, you may want to consider the Rubber Rolled-Edge Driveway Kerb Ramp, 1m Sections which functions the same. 

    Let us know if we can assist you further :)

  • Do you ship to NZ or have an agency in NZ?

    Hi Judith!

    Great question!

    Absolutely! We do ship the kerb ramps and all of our other producs to NZ :)

    Please let us help you place the order by getting in touch with us by calling 1 300 913 047 or email us at 

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