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Pride Mobility Rubber Modular Doorway Threshold Ramp Reviews

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  • WhT is the dimensions of the 76 mm ramp and how much does it weigh

    Hi Christine,

    Thank you for your enquiry.

    The dimensions are:

    Rise: 76mm
    Lenght: 981mm
    Usable Width: 914mm
    Overall Width: 1168mm
    Total Weight: 35.4kgs

  • Is it possible to just buy the pieces to a 380 rise? I don't want the higher ones but description says five pieces. Also, I need it to go around a right angle corner (corner sliding doors) - do you have corners or is it relatively easy to cut a 45 angle to fit round the corner? Thanks

    Yes! You can order the 38cm rise piece individually without the other pieces upon request. Simply email our team at to request a special quotation. Regarding 45-degree angle threshold ramps, we offer almost any custom configuration threshold ramp with our Heeve rubber ramps. Standard sizes are available online here. Email our team to request a custom threshold ramp.

  • When used indoors will the front door ride over it or will I have to remove it each time I use it?

    As long as the ramp does not sit higher than the door sill then the door should swing over the threshold ramp without a problem.

    The smallest rise for this rubber threshold ramp is 25mm (2.5cm). So, if you measure your existing door sill and it's equal to or less than 25mm, then this ramp is suitable for your purpose.

  • Can you please tell me if the rubber has a strong smell. I want to put inside the house. I have tried the raven and the smell was too strong for inside

    We can confirm that these rubber threshold wheelchair access ramps do not have a strong smell like some others. 

    (We even opened one and smell-tested them to be sure!)

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