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Ambassador Program


We're looking for every day people who love our ramps.

Hey, can you take photos and videos? (of course you can, you have a phone and it's the 2020's)

The Ramp Champ Brand Ambassador Program is now open and accepting applications.  If you're an everyday, down-to-earth individual who loves our ramps, and you can snap compelling photos and videos, we have an exciting opportunity just for you!

Partner with Us as a Ramp Champ Ambassador

We invite everyone who ordered a product from us to partner with us and showcase our amazing Heeve products.

The Exciting Role of a Ramp Champ Ambassador

We're on a search for everyday champions who can showcase our high-quality ramps in their everyday lives. If you've snapped some captivating photos or riveting videos of any of our products, share the love!

Got eye-catching snaps or footage to share with us? Simply 👉 on Facebook and Instagram.

Want to make this an ongoing gig? Fill out the form below and partner with us as an ambassador!


Exclusive Perks for Our Ambassadors

  • Access to our quality, reliable products
  • Enjoy an automatic 10% discount on your next purchase and a chance to get your purchase fully refunded in our monthly draw. That’s right, by simply tagging on socials or sending us your captured moments, we take it as an entry for a chance for a full refund. Yes, a full refund! So it’s like you got the product for free! *T&C’s apply. 
  • The opportunity to get featured on our website as an official Ramp Champ Ambassador.
  • A platform to help improve lives by showing our quality ramps to the world!

So if you’ve previously ordered a ramp from Ramp Champ and wish to seize the opportunity to become a part of our growing community, consider partnering with us as a Ramp Champ Ambassador today!

An Exciting Earning Opportunity

Got an audience? Perfect! Share your created content, and get commissions on sales generated using your personalised discount code.

Got eye-catching snaps or footage to share with us? Let’s discuss the incredible perks upon completion of the output requirements.

Not Our Customer, Yet Love Taking Photos?

We’ve got you covered! This opportunity is open to everyone interested in participating. We'll be delighted to provide you with the products you wish to capture. Whether it’s a dog ramp for your fantastic furry friend to aluminium loading ramps for your excavator job, we offer a variety of options to suit everyone's needs.

However, we'll only send you the products that you first confirm you can capture in an effective way.

For instance:

  • If you have a small dog, we could send you indoor dog ramps, dog ramps for cars and dog steps.
  • If you have an excavator and tip truck, we'll skip the dog ramps and send you aluminium loading ramps, bollards and witches hats. 
  • Or if you work with bands and stage shows, you’ll get to test out our quality van ramps and cable ramps.

Ready to apply?

Simply fill out the form below and our team will be in touch within 1-3 business days. Additional steps and info regarding the program will be shared to your email once approved.

When you enter, you'll also join an elite group and be notified about our monthly draw soon after your email is captured.