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Tips & Tricks: How to Load a motorcycle into a truck

Believe it or not it depends largely on skill and the way you approach your work whether you’re ingenious or a fool.  We’ve seen folks ride their bikes up the ramp and people simply lift a small bike into a truck, without a ramp. There are some people who prefer to load alone, and others need five folks to get it done.

There are things to consider making your loading a little easier and saving you some damage. So when you’re loading, think about the fact that most people stand perpendicular to a bike’s direction of travel when loading. Meaning to say if you only have one ramp, you won’t be able to walk the bike up on your own.

If you want to ride your bike up the ramp, remember that without a super-wide ramp, and you lose your momentum, you don’t have any to land to bear the weight of the bike. And if you slow down, you go down.

When you’re stuffing a bike into a pickup, there should be a person to control bike placement - balance and steering – even the brakes. Then, there’s someone else responsible for applying power to the machine. So if you don't make everyone's responsibility clear, you and your friend may end up working against each other in a misguided effort to keep the bike upright.

As a general rule, if you can’t confidently hold and balance your bike on your own and you are faced with a need to move your bike – shift it, take a break, or reposition - you’re probably in need of more help or a different approach, use a ramp. This way, stress, fatigue, and frustration will be the end result of your endeavour.

Lastly, there are many choices and options for every type of ramps you’ll need in transporting your motorcycle. Ramp Champ Team is here to help with as much information and assistance possible! Always remember to contact us before purchasing to verify you’re buying the right type of ramp or lift suited for your lifestyle.

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