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DHE Materials Handling Equipment manufacturer and supply safe and reliable container ramps, forklift attachments and other commercial equipment to serve small and large businesses throughout Australia.

Their affordable range of materials handling equipment, including trolleys and drum lifters are ideal for those looking to move drums throughout factories warehouses and can offer a wide range of forklift attachments, including forklift lifters, forklift slippers and more.

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About DHE Materials Handling Equipment

DHE Materials Handling Equipment is an Australian owned and operated company that has been supplying some of the biggest names in the chemical, mining and manufacturing companies in Victoria. 

Its extensive range of products includes forklift and crane attachments, drum handling equipment, container ramps and safety cages to name a few. Their full range of quality products allows you to find the right equipment for all your job requirements.

The Basics of Forklift Attachments

Forklift attachments are amongst the most sought after products of DHE MHE.

When a pair of forks don’t work for the load you need to handle on a forklift, forklift attachment is the right solution. Forklift attachments add flexibility to ordinary forklifts. They are a must-have if you’re looking to boost your productivity and increase your forklift’s abilities. You can transform an ordinary forklift into specialised equipment in no time at all.

Attachments are designed by category; however, the options within each category can be extensive.  

Common Forklift Attachments from DHE Materials Handling Equipment

Below are some of the sought after forklift attachments from DHE:

  • Forklift Slippers & Extension
  • Forklift Jibs
  • Safety Cages
  • Drum Lifters

Forklift Slippers & Extensions

  • Need to get a little extra length on the forks of your lift truck? Fork extension sleeves are designed to provide a simple, but effective method of handling the occasional long and awkward load that extends past the tips of the parent fork arm.
  • Fork extensions offer stability and safe handling of various loads and retain truck manoeuvrability in normal operating conditions.

Forklift Jibs

  • Forklift jib and hook attachments can turn your forklift into a multi-purpose lifting device, often preventing the need for cranes and hoists while providing the ultimate mobile solution in the warehouse or out in the yard. 
  • Forklift Jibs and Hooks are ideal attachments for a variety of applications in combination with most normal forklift trucks. Jibs allow trucks to work as mini cranes. 

Safety Cages

  • A forklift cage attachment works well when you need to carry out short or occasional tasks requiring work from heights. It provides a safe platform when operators need to complete tasks like changing light bulbs
  • DHE’s safety cages are made from reinforced steel and durable wire mesh sides and a raised back wall for increased safety and comfort

Drum Lifters

  • These drum handling attachments allow operators to safely pick up, move, rotate, tilt and pour drums and barrels all the while utilising your current equipment which helps save storage space.

For more information on forklift attachments and to give you expert advise in choosing your equipment, contact our sales team today at 1300 913 047 or get in touch via email on

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