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Super Cheap Ramps (Are You Really Getting A Bargain?)

a man inside a hardware store undecided on buying a pair or ramps

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So you’re looking for a super cheap ramp. With any luck, you’ll score an absolute bargain. Save a few bucks, hey?

But before you click “add to cart” on that steal of a deal… can I ask you a question?

Would you rather eat Pad Thai from the local pub or an authentic Thai restaurant? 

The Thai restaurant, right? They’re the experts. Plus, their reputation rests on how well they serve a Pad Thai. But if you visit a pub, it’s not the end of the world if the Pad Thai tastes like 2-minute noodles.

You get where we’re going with this? 

It’s the same reason you’d go to the butcher for a better cut of meat than the supermarket. Or a florist for a better bunch of flowers than the servo. Or a specialised, high-quality ramp store over the super cheap ramps you’d find in a hardware store. 

inside of a hardware store

At Ramp Champ, we don't see ourselves as a jack-of-all-trades (nor do we strive to be). We’re a master of one - ramps. 

By focusing solely on ramps, we have an unmatched range of high-quality, safe and durable ramps. Plus, we’ve got a team of ramp experts to point you in the right direction. 

An aluminium ramp installed on ute

Now I know you’re probably thinking, what’s the problem with super cheap ramps,  anyway? 

Well, have you ever heard the saying “the rich man buys it once, the poor man buys it twice”?  

Let’s show you why it applies here…

Super Cheap Ramps Vs High-Quality Ramps

Once upon a time, the only option was to buy a super cheap ramp from a hardware store. Yep, you’d spend a pretty penny on your motorcycle, excavator or equipment - only to load it using a flimsy set of ramps. Not ideal. 

These days, with specialised stores like Ramp Champ, there’s no reason to cut corners. It’s never been easier to find a ramp that’s perfectly suited to your situation… 

So let’s compare super cheap ramp stores with high-quality ramps

The Ramp Fit

A lot of generalist hardware stores will take a one-size-fits-all approach to ramps. But there’s one problem with this: one size doesn’t fit all. 

An aluminum ramp's lips properly installed at the back of ute's tray

Every ramp should consider how much your equipment weighs and the length required. You see, the length should vary depending on the height of your truck or trailer. As a general rule, the higher the rise, the longer the ramp needs to be. 

Ramps that are too short and steep put your equipment at risk of sliding, slipping or tipping. Not to mention the injuries it might cause to the person moving the equipment up the ramp… 

Heeve aluminium ramp showing the perfect length for the ute's tray height.

So, can you see how having one product on the shelf is a recipe for accidents? 

After all, the ramp length should be different between a large truck and a small, domestic trailer. 

At Ramp Champ, we have a handy ramp calculator to tell you whether the ramp is the right fit. Simply key in the height of your trailer, truck or ute and the length of the ramp you’re interested in. Then, it’ll tell you the gradient. Simple.  It’ll also give you a diagram, so you have a visual interpretation. 

Ramp calculator

The Carrying Capacity

Your ramp should always support the weight of your equipment. 

Sounds obvious - but it’s often where people go wrong. You see, a lot of hardware stores will just sell whatever option they have on the shelf.

Heeve aluminium ramp's label showing it's rated capacity

Maybe it’s a “heavy-duty load ramp.” And you think to yourself, “you beauty - that’ll be perfect for my excavator.” 

But on closer inspection, it’s only rated to 1800kg, and you’ve got a 4 tonne bit of kit. 

Not exactly something you want to take a risk with, right? 

Yes, it might be tempting to save a few bucks. But you’ll be wishing you spent that little bit extra when your ramp cracks under pressure. 

At Ramp Champ, we have over 100 ramps in stock with different widths, load ratings and thread types, making them suitable for equipment of all shapes, sizes and weights. 

When you shop with us, always look for a ramp with a load rating that’s greater than the weight of your equipment. Plus, you also want to make your decision based on the heaviest weight of the equipment or machine. So you should always consider… 

  • If you’re loading multiple bits of equipment or machinery, it should be rated to carry the heaviest one. 
  • If you plan on sitting on the equipment as you load it, add your weight too.
  • Take into account the wet weight of the machinery (including fluids like hydraulic oil and fuel).

The Safety Features

Those few bucks you’re saving on a super cheap ramp? You could be saving on safety features, too.

It’s the extra touches like the material, surface grip and connection points that make all the difference.  

At Ramp Champ, we’ve left no stone unturned to create safe and durable ramps. We compared our safety features against the common hardware stores, and found some key differences… 

Ramp Champ

  • Connection points: Utilise connection points, like connection plates to ensure maximum safety and stability
  • Rung type: Ramps are available in a range of different rung types, suitable for pneumatic (air) tyres, rubber tracks, steel tracks and wheeled machines.
  • Certifications: Ramps are certified to high international standards, including NATA, CE, TUV, GS Certification, EN ISO 12100:2010 and more.
  • Bottom rung: Ramp options with a reinforced bottom rung, which sits lower to the ground. This creates a smoother ride and ensures the bottom few rungs won’t bend.
  • Capacity rating: Wide range of capacity ratings, from 100kg to 6 tonne.

Hardware Stores

  • Connection points: No lock in connection points, rubber fingers only.
  • Rung type: No different rung type options available - what you see is what you get.
  • Certifications: No mention of international standards.
  • Bottom rung: No reinforced bottom rung.
  • Capacity ratings: Only a few products are on the shelf, so you’re left with whatever is there.
Ramp Champ vs. Hardware Stores infographic

Any Ramp, Anywhere In Australia

At Ramp Champ, we’re Australia’s largest and best ramp retailer - shipping thousands of ramps around Australia every single year. We might not have the cheapest ramps on the shelf - nor do we want to. 

We pride ourselves on our specialised, high-quality options, giving our customers the perfect match for their machinery.

You could also read through our article on What Causes Ramp Wear and Tear to have better understanding on ramps. So whether you’ve got an excavator, motorbike, lawnmower (or something else entirely) our friendly team is here to help you find the right ramp. Give us a buzz on 1300 913 047 or email us at


I use supercheap ramps to load my mobility scooter in and out my van and they work perfectly and are rated to 400 kg if you believe you can supply me a superior product for under $200 and under 26kgs I would be interested in further communication on size and cost of such a ramp

Michael Flynn ,

Hi Jim, A ramp might not suit your particular needs to lift the gopher. Aus standards for ramp steepness mean you’d also need to lift and fit a long, retractable ramp into the car. Depending on your car type, a small fitted hoist might be more suitable. I also have MS and my rampchamp is great for the house but not my big car or support worker’s smaller cars.


I have a foldaway gopher that fits in my boot of car. Its weighs 26kg so its heavy to lift in & out of boot so was thinking a small ramp to get it into car. I have MS so one of my arms are affected

jim tilbury,

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