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Have the freedom of mobility with Ramp Champ's wide range of high-quality portable wheelchair ramps. Designed for use with Australian homes and commercial applications, our portable mobility ramps are suitable for pedestrian use, wheelchairs and power scooters. Engineered to be lightweight and easy to handle, our portable ramps are perfect to keep in the back of the car or handy stored for easy use.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are portable wheelchair ramps?

Wheelchair ramps designed for straightforward use anywhere you go are classified as portable. Portable ramps for wheelchairs are designed to be easy to manoeuvre from one place to another and durable enough to be left in place.

Portable ramp is ideal for people living a more active lifestyle to a convenient building access. These ramps are even available in models that fold up like a suitcase, allowing them to travel with you so that you're always able to get in where you need to, no matter where you want to go.

Portable ramps are often constructed with lightweight materials without sacrificing durability and are either made to be compact or foldable to enable easy transport or storage.

In addition to providing greater freedom for users on the go, portable ramps are also a great solution for users who are renting their home or don’t want to commit to remaining in their current home for many years.

Can I trust Ramp Champ?

Absolutely! We've been around since 2016 and have served over 30,000+ happy customers since then.

Some of our customers you may know as household names such as CocaCola, Tesla, Audi, RAAF, QLD Government, CSIRO and much more.

The brands we sell are all top-quality brands with great warranty policies. Check out our

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How can I contact Ramp Champ?

Call us on 1300 913 047

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When will my order ship out?

We pride ourselves on giving you the best possible service. So, we work hard to get your order shipped within 24 hours. As soon as your product is shipped, we send you an email with tracking details so you can log in and see when your product is due to arrive.

What is your returns policy?

We know how crucial it is to find the perfect products for your access needs. To ensure you shop confidently, we proudly offer 100-day Free Returns on eligible products. 

If you need to return your product, we'll organise and cover the return shipping costs across Australia without any restocking fees or hidden costs.

You'll have the option for a store credit, a full refund, or an exchange when the returned products meet the return criteria:

  •  The products cannot be used, damaged or modified and must be returned in the original packaging materials.
  •  Some products, such as almost new, made-to-order, installed, and custom-made products, aren't eligible for return.
  •  The 100-Day period begins from the day that your order is delivered or picked up.
  •  Only valid for the original purchaser.
  •  Only valid for online sales via
  •  Refunds, store credits or item swaps apply only to the cost of the products. Installation fees and original shipping costs will not be refunded.

Find our more by visiting our Refund Policy page.

How can I lean more?

Types of Portable Wheelchair Ramps

Folding Ramps

These are the most common portable wheelchair ramps because they are light in weight and can be easily set up, used, carried and transported. Folding ramps come in bi-fold or multi-fold options.


These are a type of portable ramp that folds down to half its width making it perfect if it needs to be moved regularly. Lightweight, durable and have an anti-slip grip surface. Suitable for manual, electric wheelchairs or scooters.  


This range folds to half its length and then to half its width, which makes it very compact! These ramps are solid, durable and have a choice of anti-slip grip surface. Suitable for manual, electric wheelchairs or scooters

Threshold Ramps

Used to bridge single steps and thresholds. It simply lays on top of the bump created by your doorway, creating a smooth and flat surface that you can glide across. These are most commonly used for doorway thresholds as the name suggests but they can be used anywhere there is a low rise that needs to be climbed. Available in aluminium, moulded plastic, carbon fibre or rubber. Designed to be highly durable and incredibly easy to install

Kerb Ramps 

Used to bridge steps and kerbs. Available in shorter lengths making them perfect for lower rises. Quick and easy to setup

Track/Channel Ramps

They come in pairs and are very light depending on their length. They come in lengths up to 3 metres and weight capacities up to 900kg. One of the challenges with track ramps is getting them properly set up for use. They need to be parallel to each other and the same distance apart as the wheelbase width of the wheelchair or scooter

Looking for the best option for your wheelchair ramp need? Follow our guide to ensure you choose a safe, convenient and durable wheelchair ramp.

For more information get in touch with us. Our ramp experts are always happy to assist you. Contact us online or via phone 1300 913 047.

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