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Ute Ramps

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Got a ute? You need a set of ute ramps. Here you'll find the largest range of ute ramps designed for safe and easy loading of your equipment in Australia at the best prices. Load and unload your equipment, motorbikes, ATVs or lawnmowers easily and safely with Ramp Champ’s wide range of ute loading ramps today.

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The right ute ramps will ensure you're as efficient and safe as possible when loading your ute.

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Load Heavy Equipment Safely With Ute Ramps

Ute Ramps are necessary when loading or unloading heavy equipment and machinery to your trailers or utes. Ute ramps make your transporting job so much easier. If you’re using equipment like ride-on lawnmowers, motorcycles, ATVs or other workshop machinery and needs to transport them from one place to another, a good pair of ramps not only makes it easy to load them, but the best ramps also make it safe to do so. These types of equipment weigh a lot and that much weight can do a lot of damage if loading falls.

How To Effectively Use Ute Ramps

Follow these simple steps to effectively use your ute ramps and avoid loading failures:

  • Make certain that the vehicle and/or trailer being loaded is switched off, the transmission in gear or park, and a hand-brake on.
  • Position the endplates or the lips of the ramps at the tailgate of your vehicle.
  • Ute ramps usually come with loading pins. Make sure that the loadings pins are tightened to fix the endplates to avoid the ramps from slipping or sliding off.
  • If lockings pins are not available use ratchet straps. Every set of ramps comes with a strap to secure them. These straps must be attached to the middle of each ramp and secured to a point on the trailer or vehicle such as the tow bar. Use a separate strap for each ramp.
  • Also, it is important that you use a pair of ramps that has the right length and loading capacity

How Much Weight Can Ute Ramps Carry?

Most ute ramps are manufactured from high-strength, lightweight aluminium. A pair of ute amps is easy to set up and can support up to 2.5 tonnes capacity.

How Long Should Your Ute Ramps Be?

If you have a standard-sized ute, it’s recommended to get the 1.5-metre ramps or longer. For trucks lifted up to 10 cm, 3-metre ramps are better. If your truck is lifted more than 10 cm, go with the 3 to 4-metre ramp set. However, we strongly believe that longer is always better. To make things even easier, use our handy Ramp Calculator to give you an idea of the recommended ramp length according to your requirements. 

How To Secure Your Ute Ramps

Ute ramps are lightweight and portable, some come in folding style so they can be easily folded down and stored at the back of your vehicle after every load or when not in use. But with portability comes the risk of ramp theft when not properly secured.

Here are some tips to secure your ramps whilst inside your utes and avoid ramp theft.

  • If your ramps come with a carry bag, keep them inside the bag when not in use.
  • If you're keeping the ramps at the back of your utes, use a safety ratchet strap or cable ties to secure them
  • Run the ratchet strap through a rung on one ramp and to the other pair.
  • Make sure the straps can't move and tightened properly and use heavy duty locks.

For your ute ramps requirements, check out our wide range of Ute Ramps. You may also visit our blog to read more details on how to secure your ramps to avoid ramp theft.

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