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Ramp Calculator - Find The Right Ramp for Your Needs With Ramp Champ

Person walking up a aluminium van ramp with large sound equipment box

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We've Developed a Handy Ramp Calculator Online Tool To Help Customers Find The Right Lenght Ramp For Thier Needs.

One of the most common questions we have here at Ramp Champ is...

"What length ramp do I need?..."

We hear this question all the time.

Our answer is always different for each customer as everyone is loading something different. Some are loading excavators onto trucks, others are helping their elderly parents navigate a small step and some need help getting their 65kg+ pooch in the back of the car.

So to help answer everyone's question "What length ramp do I need?..." we've developed a handy Ramp Calculator.

Ramp calculator diagram 1

How To Use The Ramp Calculator

Simply punch in the desired Ramp Length and your Load Height to see a visual diagram showing how steep the ramp incline angle will be.

Incline Too Steep?

Adjust the Ramp Length to suit your individual requirements.

Ramp Calculator Diagram 2

Once you know the desired ramp length for your needs you'll have a much easier time narrowing down your search to find the right ramp.

Use the Ramp Calculator

As always our team are here to help you find the right ramp for your needs so be sure to shoot us an email at or call 1300 913 047 to speak to an expert today. 

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