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Important Things You Need to Know About Dog Ramps

Doggy steps and ramps provide a much easier way for pets to get into and out of your car, SUV or pickup truck and also to get on and off a bed or couch.

Is it time to step up and buy your favourite pet their own ramps?  Ramps for dogs and even cats are used by many families for allowing their dog, cat, or other pet to get on the different pieces of furniture. If you think pet ramps only benefit your dog, think again!

 Many small pets are simply too small to jump onto couches, chairs, and their owner’s very tall beds. Giving them back access to their favourite higher places gives them back their freedom and happiness.

At the same time, if you have back issues and can’t bend over easily to pick up your dog or cat every time they beckon to get on the bed, pet ramps can save you.  

Also, by using pet steps for bed and couch access, your pets are able to alleviate the pain to their back and legs caused by the jumping which will allow your dogs and cats to be more independent and comfortable by giving them back the access they once had in their prime. Lastly, this reduction in back and leg strain equals a reduction in the number of vet visits.

So what kind of ramps for your pet?

Ramps for Small Dogs

Let’s face it: we’re not getting any younger and bad backs make it difficult to pick up our favourite pups.  Portable ramps for small dogs reduce the need for constant bending.   A dog ramp like Travelling Pooch Ezy-Ramp Pet Ramp gives your dog the liberty to climb the stairs or couch without your assistance while giving you freedom from back strain!

Ramps for Large Dogs

The invention of the telescoping dog ramp for vehicles has made many happy dog co-pilots once again. These dog ramps were specifically built for allowing your large dog to get in your vehicle safely, whether it’s a short car or a tall SUV. A ramp like 1.8m Folding Aluminium Dog Ramp, 110kg Capacity that just takes a few extra seconds to extend the ramp, let your dog walk safely into your car, close the ramp, and put it back into its place in your car.  When not in use, it features a fold-away design that makes storage much easier. Take advantage of its compact size and conveniently store it anywhere in your home or even have it handy in your vehicle!

So, is it a good idea to use pet ramps for cats and dogs?  The answer is YES if you truly want what is best for your favourite pet and what is best for your own physical and mental well-being.

Check out and you can very conveniently place an online order for pet ramps. You can and should compare the various models so you will have an idea about the pricing and benefits offered. Lastly, when purchasing a ramp, ensure that the pet ramp that you choose comes with a manufacturer's warranty.

dog and pet ramps at ramp champ

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