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No-nonsense Guideline for New ATV Owners

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Alleviate from long-term damage and expensive repairs by taking sound advice when getting the most out of your ATV especially after spending thousands of dollars on it.

Check out these tips for new ATV owners and do a little "homework" to get the most fun, the best riding experience and enhance your safety.

Listen to the Dealer

Salespeople typically send you home with some advice and instruction on what to do and what not to do with your vehicle. This can range from proper riding techniques to general maintenance. And if you have questions, that’s the time to ask them and take notes if you have to.

Read the Owner's Manual

The manual should provide you with operating tips, riding tips and what to do before that first ride or what not to do. Some car manufacturers may require certain steps to take before starting the engine the first time. The owner's manual is your go-to for maintenance schedules and finding information on where to buy the right replacement parts.

Check Fluid Levels

Your new ATV should have the correct amount of oil, coolant, transmission and brake fluid. Mistakes happen along the way so check all fluid levels.

Check Air Filter

The air filter may or may not come pre-oiled so if you're a newbie when driving an ATV then oiling your air filter may come as a surprise but it’s a must. If it's dry then grab some air filter oil and get the filter tacky before putting it back in the airbox.

Check the Drive Chain

Ensure the drive chain is properly tightened based on what the owner's manual information on how to adjust the chain. Don't forget to lubricate the chain either.


When it comes to suspension you'll find during that first ride you're better able to judge suspension compression and rebound and dial in later what best fits for you.

Tire Air Pressure

Check the tire pressure and this should be one of the regular routines of general pre-ride maintenance.

Tighten Everything

Another pre-ride maintenance routine that makes sense is tightening all the bolts and nuts on your quad. Most especially, pay attention to the swingarm bolt and axle nut.


Remember to take it easy your first time out and practice riding. Whether you're in it for racing, trail riding or just plain fun, get to know the feel of your quad. Be familiar with each lever's function and be a competent operator of the machine before you start pushing the boundaries.

Transporting your ATV  

Read this article, Tips & Tricks: Using your Loading Ramps, to get the best advice on how to load your ATV to your truck or trailer for long-distance transporting

Following the steps above prevents premature wear and tear on your new ATV, helps reduce maintenance headaches and keep you safe from riding it for a long time to come. Also, you might be jeopardizing your own safety if you go for items coming from shady retailers. Contact us and we’ll guide you through it and you’d get the best quality ramps!

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