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Threshold Doorway Ramps

Ramp Champ's range of high-quality wheelchair threshold doorway ramps enables easy access to doorways or transgressing steps and bumps. 

Suitable for wheelchairs, scooters, rollators and pedestrian traffic, you'll be sure to find the perfect access... Read More

Need Help Choosing A Mobility Ramp?

The right mobility ramp will ensure you have easy access over doorways, raised landings and even to and from your cars while reducing the risk of accidents or injuries. For help choosing the best suitable mobility ramp click the button below.

What Are Threshold Ramps?

Threshold Ramps also known as doorway ramps are a type of ramps designed to provide a smooth and effortless transition between rooms, raised thresholds or door frames, or any other sort of small difference in height or raised landings whether at home or your work areas.

Uneven floorings and small barriers on thresholds can create huge problems for someone in a wheelchair or scooters, or simply for a person with a high trip risk due to reduced mobility.

In areas like these, threshold ramps come in handy and can surely ease away your worries. It does not only provide better access, it also helps boost your loved ones' independence around your home.

Types of Threshold Ramps 

Threshold ramps are available in various sizes, colours, and materials, making them perfect for either indoor or outdoor use. 

Sure, you can always create a ramp from any construction-strength material, like wood, but getting a good-quality threshold ramp is not only safe but highly recommended. The most popular types of threshold ramps are made from aluminium or rubber but there are also other options like those made from high-density plastic or carbon fibre.

Aluminium Threshold Ramps 

One of the most popular type and always the go-to material for threshold ramp is aluminium. Aluminium Threshold Ramps are known for their portability and are usually light in weight and affordable.  Aluminium Threshold ramps usually come with pre-drilled holes and locking pins or screws for permanent fixing, and anti-slip grip tapes for stability. They also come in various fold options for portability.

Aluminium Self Supporting Ramps

If you want a ramp that can be easily installed against floorings or door plate, a self-supporting ramp is a great option. Aluminium Self-Supporting Ramps do not rely on the door plate's surface for support and are highly portable. They usually come with two adjustable casters underneath to fit the height of any threshold. These type of ramps directly aligns against the door plate allowing the door to swiftly swing in or out. 

Rubber Threshold Door Ramps

Rubber Threshold Ramps are best known for their various styles, durability and affordability. They are usually heavy but easy to install.

Rubber ramps are usually made from durable rubber which is either recycled from old truck tyres or solid, brand new rubber. Ideal for continued use with minimal wear and tear and definitely last longer than any other material as they're not prone to rust and corrosion. 

Recycled rubber threshold ramps like the Heeve Recycled Rubber Wheelchair Threshold Door Ramp are made from recycled truck tyres and available in a wide range of heights and depths and also with straight or winged edges while the Heeve Solid Rubber Wheelchair Threshold Door Ramp With Winged Edges is made from solid rubber and has a weight capacity of up to 400kg. 

Rubber threshold ramps are tensile resistant and built to last. Most rubber ramps are moulded to be self-supporting structures that can easily be installed on any doorways or landings. Rubber ramps are very flexible as they can be trimmed to any shapes and sizes, or any width, length and height to fit your individual requirements. They are usually made in sections, allowing individual pieces to be formed according to your threshold's size or your preferences.

Plastic Threshold Ramps

Plastic Threshold Ramps are ramps made from high-density moulded plastic. They are economical, portable and light in weight.  These types of threshold ramps are best for trolleys and wheelchairs and can support loads up to 300kg.

Permanent or Temporary?

Threshold ramps can be moved if needed. They are available in models that can be installed permanently or temporarily. Some rubber ramps come with pre-drilled holes and can be permanently bolted to the surface with screws while others can be easily installed with some adhesives. 

Ramp Champ has a wide variety of threshold ramps for everyone. Whatever your preferences, we’re quite sure we have a ramp that fits your requirements perfectly. Should you need more information, you can contact our ever-helpful sales team to help you find the right ramp for your threshold. 

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