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Cable Protectors & Hose Ramps

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Comply with best OH&S practices by eliminating tripping hazards around the workplace with Ramp Champ's range of high-quality cable ramps, hose ramps and protectors. Here you'll find a great range of cable ramps from Australian brands and overseas brands–all in one place.

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Benefits of Cable Protectors

Rubber cable protectors and plastic cable protectors are both great for use indoors or outdoors and most often are able to butt join together to protect cables and hoses against tripping hazards.

Cable Protector Types

There are two main types of cable protectors: Channel cable protectors which sit under the cable and Drop Over cable protectors which sit over the cable or hose.

Keep Your Workplace Trip-Free with Our Cable Protector Ramps

Keeping a tidy workplace isn't just about looking good; it's about operating safely and efficiently too. That's why our cable protector ramps are a game changer. They're perfect for any busy environment keen on safeguarding both its human crew and the myriad of cables and hoses that power up the day. By neatly tucking away these potential trip hazards, our ramps help you steer clear of accidents and keep your operations humming along smoothly.

Our selection spans from sleek, low-profile models ideal for light traffic areas to robust protectors designed to take on the heavy footfall of industrial sites. Every item on our shelves is built to last, ready to guard your cables and offer peace of mind. This means fewer stumbles and more stability around the clock in your department. They’re simple to lay down and even easier to maintain, making them a smart pick for anyone looking to enhance their workspace safety with minimal fuss.

Why not take a quick look? Pop over to our product pages, skim through the options, and chuck the best fit into your cart. We keep our prices fair and our stock ready to roll, so you can get your space sorted out in no time. Plus, setting them up is a snap—you'll have them out of the box and on the floor in less time than it takes to make a cuppa. Get ahead of the curve and button down your area’s safety with our reliable cable protector ramps. No muss, no fuss—just solid protection.

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