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Warranty Information

Ramp Champ is a business dedicated to providing exceptional ramp & transportation products anywhere in Australia. We stand by the simple concept of taking care of our customers by providing the best products & experience possible when buying ramps online.

We’re proud to be known as Australia's largest and best ramp retailer. Whatever ramp you need we're sure to have it. That’s also why we know that product warranty information is of top importance that highly influences the decision making and purchasing journey of our customers.

We partnered with industry leaders and trusted brands to ensure that we stock only the best products available so you can have the best possible experience both in value and service when you're in need of ramps.

We are proud to be an authorised dealer for all the products we sell and therefore, you will receive the full Manufacturer Warranties for any item that you purchase from our website.

Most of our partner brands have a comprehensive warranty claim system and even accredited local warranty support agents to give you the peace of mind that you will be looked after even after the sale. The products we carry are offered at a minimum of a 1-year warranty, while some premium brands offer extended warranty periods.

Since each brands’ warranty guidelines may differ from another, we highly recommend that you review the corresponding terms for the product you intend to purchase. Please see the links below containing complete warranty information for the brands we have. If you haven't found the answers you're looking for, contact us to find the answers to your questions--we're here to help.

How to Find Warranty Information For Your Product

Ramp Champ only works with well-known, industry-leading manufacturers. All of our products come with at least a 12-month warranty. The warranty offered by each manufacturer varies. Please click on the links below to view warranty information for each manufacturer:

Heeve Aidapt Alltrades Trailers Ausramp Barrier Group
Borum Checkers DHE MHE Digga Durolla


FEAL Gen-Y Hitch Hollywood Racks i.Pet
Jigsaw Jumps Kilargo Klika Kurgo Liftex
MC Niuli New Aim Oxford Plastics Oz Loading Ramps


Prestige Pet Products



Skamper Ramp

Stanfred Supex Sureweld TradeQuip
Troden TTi WA Skate Ramps WM System Whipps

Frequently Asked Warranty Questions

Is the warranty coverage transferable?

Warranty claims must be lodged by the original buyer of the goods following the manufacturer’s standard timeline for assessment and resolutions. The warranty of the goods is not transferable and a copy of the order confirmation receipt will be required.

I received a defective product, what do I do?

Please inspect the goods within 3 business days of receipt and report any noticeable fault. Most minor issues can be resolved via consultation with our customer service team. In cases of major function issues, the manufacturer’s warranty terms will apply and we will assist you to file a claim for a remedy. Timeline and replacement terms of the manufacturer will apply.

You are highly encouraged to review the manufacturer’s warranty terms before placing the order. Please refer to our Returns Policy for the full details.

I need to file a claim (within the warranty period). What do I have to do?

  1. Do not return any items to the original address.
  2. Head to our Returns Center and fill out the Claim form. Our friendly support team will assist you with further instructions.

I need to file a claim (outside any warranty period), what can I expect?

If the warranty period has elapsed, we recommend that you bring the item to a nearby technician for assessment. We will assist you in contacting the manufacturer who can quote you for any spare parts, assessment costs and labour costs that are required.

I need to file a claim, what will be required from me?

The Standard Requirements in filing a claim are:

  1. Completed Claim form
  2. Supporting files (photos or 10-sec video clip)
  3. Further detailed information if required by Ramp Champ

I bought an open-box item, what happens if it becomes faulty?

Depending on factors like price and age, it may not be reasonable to expect it will last as long, or perform to the same standard as a new one. But if it still falls within the warranty period, the claim will be treated as a standard claim.

I have filed a claim and provided the supporting documents, how should I send the goods for inspection?

Ramp Champ will assist you in following up with the manufacturer until you receive proper assistance for the support you require. The cost to return the goods for inspection will be at your expense but may be refunded depending on the assessment of the manufacturer.

How to File A Warranty Claim

  1. Do not return any items to the original address.
  2. Head to our Returns Center and fill out the Claim form. Further instructions will be provided.
If you haven't found the answers you're looking for, contact us to find the answers to your questions--we're here to help.