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Dog Ramps

A man’s best friend deserves the best of life, so if you want to make things as easy as possible on your best mate, Ramp Champ has a range of dog ramps and pet ramps to suit all occasions. Whether you’re planning a boating trip, swimming in the pool, or if your dog just needs a little help to get in and out of the car, truck or 4WD; there is a ramp to suit. Ramp Champ stocks a range of tri-scope ramps, bi-fold ramps, telescoping ramps, scamper ramps and dog ladders in lengths of over 220cm to support weight over 135kg.


$179.00 $128.99
SAVE $50.01

Skamper Ramp Pet Ramp for Swimming Pools

$169.00 $147.99
SAVE $21.01

Travelling Pooch Ezy-Ramp Lite Pet Ramp

$199.00 $187.99
SAVE $11.01

Travelling Pooch Ezy-Ramp Pet Ramp

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