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How We Made A Wooden Dog Ramp Fit For The Goodest Boys And Girls

A doxy using the Heeve Up-Ya-Get dog ramp

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There are a few telltale signs that your pooch is spoilt rotten. 

Maybe they eat higher quality food than you...

Or they have their own wardrobe (are you cold, Toto?)..

Or perhaps you’re in the market for a premium dog ramp so they can reach their favourite places with ease. 

Two cute puppies sleeping on their human's bed

… Zero judgement here. 

In fact, we love our dogs so much we decided to create the highest quality pet ramps in Australia. 

Sure, there are some cheap options out there on eBay, Amazon and even big-name pet stores. 

But to us? It’s all about the details. The quality finish. The lightweight material. The easy storage. Yep, we haven’t just created any old dog ramp. We’ve created a ramp fit for the goodest boys and girls. 

Shall we take a look? 

Introducing The Heeve Up-Ya-Get Wooden Dog Ramp

Dog using the Heeve Up-Ya-Get Wooden Dog ramp going down from a bed

Some people have asked why we even bothered spending so much time, energy and research to create our Heeve Wooden Dog Ramp. After all, how much of a difference will it make? The cheaper option will still do the trick, won’t it? 

But those aren’t our people. 

We created the Heeve Up-Ya-Get Wooden Dog Ramp for proud pet parents who value superior quality and unmatched attention to detail, all so their pooch can stroll up and down with ease. Let’s walk you through it. 

  • Australian designed and tested
  • We designed our Wooden Dog Ramp right here at Ramp Champ, carefully choosing each feature like the adjustable height, lightweight material and super grippy carpet. Then, it underwent rigorous testing to get the nod of approval from doggos of all shapes and sizes.   

  • Quality workmanship
  • Choosing somewhere to manufacture our designs was not a decision we made lightly. We were ruthless in our enquiry process. We chose to source our wooden dog ramps from an overseas supplier who polishes and assembles our ramps by hand (in the same factory that handcrafts children’s wooden toys). Here’s a behind-the-scenes snapshot… 

    Process of the Heeve up-ya-get craftmanship Factory photos of the Heeve Up-Ya-Get wooden dog ramp
  • Easy storage
  • Our Wooden Dog Ramp comes with a Smart Lock fold-away design. We did this so you can easily fold and secure the legs, so they don’t fly out when you’re moving it around. When folded, the ramp is incredibly compact, allowing you to store it under the couch or bed. 

  • High-quality hinge brackets
  • Thanks to customer feedback, we’ve recently made improvements to our dog ramp hinge brackets. We decided to replace our old wooden brackets with high-quality, stainless steel hinge brackets. This allows the ramp to be easily and smoothly packed away. In saying that, in the years we’ve been selling these ramps with wooden brackets, we’ve only had a handful come back broken… But it still wasn’t good enough for us. We saw this as an opportunity to refine and improve our design. 

  • Anti-slip carpet
  • On the surface, you’ll find marine carpet with a ribbed surface, making it durable, hardwearing and water-resistant. But most importantly, it gives your pooch excellent grip when they’re walking up and down. 

  • Lightweight pinewood
  • We chose to work with a lightweight pinewood (rather than plywood that’s held together using nasty glue). The pinewood pieces are individually shaped and inspected, before being assembled using superior screw finishes. 

  • Three different colours
  • Are you conscious of how the ramp will look next to your other furniture? We get it. That’s why we created three different colour options (navy, charcoal and graphite) so you can choose a ramp that matches your home aesthetic. 

  • Tailored to your space
  • Rather than taking a one-size-fits-all approach, we have three ramp sizes available to suit different spaces and doggos (small, large and extra large). On top of that, each ramp size has adjustable heights so you can tailor it even further. How good is that? 

  • Rubber non-slip stoppers
  • This ones a no-brainer. Rubber stoppers prevent the ramp from sliding around on hard timber floors or tiles. The result? A safe, secure and happy pooch as they travel up and down the ramp. 

  • Countersunk screws
  • Our wooden dog ramp is joined together using countersunk screws. Sure, it takes a little more time in the production process, but the result is worth it.  Countersunk screws means each screw is neatly tucked away for a more attractive finish. Not only that, it creates stronger joins and prevents the wood from cracking. 

    Let’s Walk Through Our Three Different Sizes…

    Extra Large Wooden Dog Ramp

    Heeve 'Up-Ya-Get' Wooden Dog Ramp For Beds & Couches - Extra Large

    Our Extra Large Wooden Dog Ramp is designed to sit at the end of tall beds (reaching heights up to a whopping 90cm). A length of 153cm makes the slope nice and gentle, so it’s ideal for elderly dogs who’d prefer not to tackle a steep incline. If you have a spoilt pooch that regularly lounges on your bed, this one’s a great option. 

    Given the impressive height of our Extra Large Wooden Dog Ramp, it also has the added safety of a side rail and anchor system. The anchor system sits neatly under your mattress and prevents the ramp from tipping over. 

    Large Wooden Dog Ramp

    Heeve 'Up-Ya-Get' Wooden Dog Ramp For Beds & Couches- Large

    We don’t like to play favourites, but there’s a reason this was our original wooden dog ramp and still our most popular size. Our Large Wooden Dog Ramp is a great all-rounder that’s suited to both couches and beds. It reaches a maximum height of 60cm and suits a wide range of different doggos: young, old, big and small. It’s lightweight, easy to use and rigorously tested. Nothing better for your little Toto. 

    Small Wooden Dog Ramp

    Heeve 'Up-Ya-Get' Wooden Dog Ramp For Beds & Couches - Small

    Our Small Wooden Dog Ramp reaches heights up to 40cm, making it perfect for low beds and couches. It’s also the best option for tight spaces. The shorter length (70cm) means the incline may be steeper than our other options, so it’s best suited to young and spritely doggos who won’t mind bouncing up and down. 

    Our small ramp is also a good backup ramp to keep in the car or lend out to puppy sitters (you know, like visits to nanna’s house when she lets the granddogs eat treats, run a muck and lounge on the bed). 

    Heeve Up-Ya-Get sizes comparison infographic 

    Okay, How Does The Heeve Up-Ya-Get Ramp Compare To The Big-Name Stores?

    Heeve (Ramp Champ)

    • Size: Available in three sizes
    • Colour: Three colour options
    • Carpet: Marine carpet to suit all weather conditions
    • Storage: Smart Lock system and fold away design (making the legs secure when you pack it away)
    • Design: Designed in Australia
    • Material: Lightweight and sturdy pine, assembled using high-quality screws
    • Workmanship: Polished by hand and individually checked for quality

    Big Name Stores:

    • Size: One size available
    • Colour: One colour option
    • Carpet: Regular carpet
    • Storage: Foldable design
    • Design: Designed overseas
    • Material: Made of Plywood, held together with glue
    • Workmanship: Mass-manufactured

    Heeve pet ramp vs. big brand names infographic

    What Size Is Best For My Dog? 

    Sure, you can take a guess on what ramp will suit your space and doggo. But for the best (and safest) results, we recommend taking the time to measure. 

    Start by measuring the height of your couch, bed or surface. 

    As a general rule, the higher the surface, the longer the ramp will need to be to create a nice and gentle slope. 

    Once you’ve measured, you can use our ramp calculator to do the maths. Punch in the height and the length of the ramp you’re interested in (small 70cm, large 100cm, extra large 153cm).

    Then, it’ll tell you the gradient along with a visual diagram. We recommend a gradient of no more than 25 degrees (but remember, for older dogs you might want to choose a gentler slope).

    Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers

    Can the ramp be used outside?

    Absolutely. The ramp is not water-proofed when it arrives, but you can apply a non-toxic varnish from your local hardware store. The carpet is marine ply with excellent traction (even in wet weather). 

    Do you have ramp options for dogs that weigh more than 20kg? 

    Sure do. If you’re dealing with a Great Dane, German Shepherd or something equally as horse-like, we have a range of other ramp options to suit your needs. Check out our Dog Ramps Buyer’s Guide. 

    Do you have ramp options to help my dog into the car? 

    Our Heeve Up-Ya-Get Wooden Dog Ramp is ideal for beds and couches. But if you’re looking for an outdoor ramp for your car, we have a range of different options. Check out our Dog Ramps Buyer’s Guide. 

    Does the Heeve Up-Ya-Get Wooden Dog Ramp come with a warranty?

    Yes, it comes with a 12-month manufacturer warranty to ensure you and your pooch are happy.

    How long does it take to arrive? 

    We ship to anywhere in Australia, with delivery times varying depending on where you’re located. When you fill in your details on our product page we’ll give you an estimated time of arrival. It is important to note that the estimated delivery date provided is only a guide and may still change due to unforeseen circumstances. Please be aware that this is in the hands of the courier companies we use to deliver your goods, and is completely out of our control. However, we will do our best keep you updated on the status of your orders.

    How do I train my dog to use a ramp? 

    It’s important that your dog creates a positive association with the ramp from the get-go, so reward them with treats and toys! If your dog is extra stubborn, you can introduce the ramp to them gradually. Start by laying it flat on the ground, and gradually increase the incline. We take a deep dive into this topic here: Teach Your Stubborn Dog To Use A Dog Ramp In 2 Days With These 7 Easy Steps. 

    Are ramps better than stairs for dogs?

    This comes down to your unique circumstances. In saying that, ramps are a popular option for many dog owners as they’re incredibly sturdy, light and versatile. On the other hand, stairs are nice and compact if you need a solution for a small space. For more information, we wrote an article comparing dog stairs and ramps

    More questions about our Heeve Up-Ya-Get Wooden Dog Ramp? 

    Our friendly team would love to help. Give us a buzz on 1300 913 047 or email us at


    Hi Isabella,

    Glad you reached out to us! It’s amazing how the ramp has been very helpful for Sophie after over a year now :) This reflects the great reviews that we receive throughout the years :) I know you’re having some concerns about the carpet. Has she always been slipping every time she uses the ramp? In our experience when we’re informed that the dog is ‘slipping’ or ‘sliding’ it usually indicates that the dog doesn’t want to go up or down the ramp—they are nervous. I’m not suggesting that this is the case with your pooches, but have you read and followed the instructions? I’ve included it as an attachment in this email. You may refer to this post in training your dog. As mentioned, this may not be the case with your pets but it’s something that may help. If not, please reach out to us at 1 300 913 047 or email us at Have a great weekend!

    Ramp Champ,

    I purchased a wooden Dog Ramp about a year ago and it has been fantastic! I have a 15+ year old little dog who uses it all the time. I am now finding that the carpet has become somewhat fluffy, causing my little dog, Sophie, to slip as she descends. I had hoped that the extra grippy carpet would stay that way. The ramp does get plenty of use! Do you have any suggestions? It has made Sophie’s life much safer and easier, for which I am very grateful. I don’t want her to be lose her confidence on it.

    Isabella Bailey,

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