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Man in warehouse with aluminium loading ramps in background

The Ramp Champ Story

How we went from a man with a laptop to Australia’s largest ramp retailer

Can I paint a picture for you? 

Let’s rewind to 2012. You’re looking for a high-quality ramp for construction, mobility access or your beloved pet. 

You shop around, visiting supplier and supplier, only to find that their options are scarce. 

Heck, you’d be lucky to find more than one brand on the shelf!

And to make matters worse, you’re getting a sense that everywhere you go, you’re not getting the right advice. Instead, they’re just blatantly pushing the brand they have in stock. 

Sounds like a headache and a half, right? 

But that’s the way that shopping for ramps in Australia used to be. 

Fast forward to 2016, Ramp Champ was born. 

Ramp Champ Warehouse

And today, Ramp Champ is Australia’s largest and best ramp retailer. By focusing solely on ramps, we have unequalled expertise. We listened to our customers to deliver an extensive range of high-quality ramps... all in one place.

We don’t see ourselves as a jack-of-all-trades (nor do we strive to be).

We’re a master of one - ramps. 

So, how did we get here? 

Construction machine operated by Matt

I, Matthew Scott, used to grind it out in the civil construction industry. Think heavy machinery, long days, muddy work and a hard slog.

Don’t get me wrong, I loved working in civil construction. But I had a hunger for something more. 

You see, I found a gap in the market: Australia needed a trustworthy, unbiased ramp supplier. 

Fed up with shopping for ramps for the construction machinery, I thought, why can’t I create an online ramp store where the customer comes first? 

I knew my target audience because I was my target audience. 

So I started a side hustle, Ramp Champ. And I worked hard. Damn hard. 

The 4 am starts... Speaking to customers during my lunch break... And falling asleep at night over my laptop… 

I did everything in my power to make sure each one of my customers was happy (and I still do).

I was on a pursuit to deliver unmatched quality. 

Here’s how I ramped up my business

Like any successful business, Ramp Champ started off small. 

We sold two types of construction machinery loading ramps; Sureweld and Digga. We also sold dog ramps and steps from PetSafe (back then it was Solvit) and car service ramps from Stanfred. 

Ramp Champ - First Ramps

And in July of 2016, we sold 9 ramps in total. But back then, the number of customers didn’t matter to me. I just wanted to give them the best ramp solutions and service. 

Today, that’s still my goal (only we’ve ramped up our sales to 800+ per month!) Turns out, offering the best solutions and service was the secret sauce to success. 

We became dedicated to bringing new and innovative products to market. We listened carefully to customer feedback and developed our own internal brand, Heeve. We wanted to make the customer experience as easy and transparent as possible. 

With this goal in mind, we also created a system to better serve our customers thru forms. Like an in-store sales consultant, our custom forms asks a series of questions to help you find your perfect product.

We have integrated handy custom forms for all of our main categories such as Pet Ramps, Wheel Chair Ramps, Constructions & Machinery Ramps, and Kerb Ramps.

Where we are now

Today, Ramp Champ is proud to offer Australia’s largest and best range of ramps. 

We grew from one man and a laptop to a large warehouse with 13 staff members.

We grew from a few product offerings to over 1000 high-quality products from more than 26 brands.

We continue to refine our Heeve brand based on the needs of the market, and we’ve provided solutions to a whole range of big brands...

Ramp Champ Trusted Brands

And the rave reviews keep rolling in (over 1800 product reviews across all our platforms!)

“Excellent service, fast delivery and great product”

Kylie, Sydney

    And the best part? As Ramp Champ grew, we never lost our way. Our customer service didn’t dwindle as we became more successful. 

    You see, I still look to approach every customer with the same level of dedication, value and service as I did for my first 9 customers in July, 2016. 

    We’re continuing to ramp it up...

    Our business model remains simple: Always listen to the needs of our customers. 

    We never want to catch ourselves doing “business as usual”, and overlooking better ways of doing things. We’re guided by new technology, innovation and creativity. 

    And no matter where our journey takes us, our customers will always be at the centre. 

    Matt_Scott - Ramp Champ Story

    That’s how we grew Ramp Champ, and that’s how we’ll always be. 

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