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5 Proven Tricks to Avoid Ramp Theft and Secure Your Other Valuables

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Ramp theft is common in Australia - especially for contractors with aluminium loading ramps. Avoid having your ramps stolen with these 5 simple anti-ramp theft methods.

Have you ever experienced a day when after having a really good brekky, you’re ready to face another day only to find out one of your equipment is gone missing?

A lost ramp and other valuable items are not just a horror story but it could also mean additional cost out of your pocket! Prevent your valuables from being stolen. We’re giving you 5 proven tricks to avoid ramp theft and secure your valuables at minimal cost.

  1.       Light Up

Keep burglars at bay with ample lighting. Placing outdoor lights around your front and back yards, near the garage and other outdoor structures will not only make intruders skittish but it will also keep you from stumbling on your way around these areas. This also applies to your job site. You might think that keeping the lights on overnight is an added cost but it’s more costly retrieving or replacing lost equipment, right?

  1.     Remove Possible Hiding Places

It’s common when you have a front yard or back yard to plant trees and install appealing landscapes but make sure to trim down trees and plants that can be used for cover. Opt for smaller plants and bushes. If a yard is open and relatively exposed, burglars might have second thoughts entering your premises!

  1.       Lock Up

Of course, this is a given. Make it a habit to lock every entry point in your workplace and home. The garage is an entry point that is becoming more and more popular with criminals. It’s a good target and an advertisement to passerby when you leave it exposed especially if you have plenty of good stuff stored inside. Beef-up security with heavy duty locks inside and out. Use a durable and secure locking mechanism for areas like this. The Master Lock Excell 50mm Padlock fits perfectly for home, office, storage lockers, sheds, and other relevant places.

  1.       Tie Down

If you can’t help but leave your tipper, ute or trailer with your loading ramps outside, make sure that it’s completely and properly locked.  Use professional and secure locking cables instead of easy to remove ropes. The Master Lock Python Adjustable Locking Cable 1.8m x 10mm is a good choice for holding your belongings securely. It has re-keyable wafer cylinder that offers maximum pick resistance, and the extra-long cable allows you to thread it through most items, small or large so it’s the perfect material for tying-down and securing your loading ramps and other valuables both on the job site and in the yard or home.

  1.       Be a Neighbor

Make the extra effort in being friendly. A friendly smile or a simple hello can take a long way in establishing a good relationship with your neighbours. As you know, a positive and good relationship with your neighbours has a lot of advantages. If they like you and care about you, they are the ones who will help you too. If in case something unusual is going on and they saw it, they’ll be the one to check it out and call you or the police.

Same goes on the work site. Be a friendly co-worker! If you have a good working relationship with your workmates, you can have someone keep an eye on your equipment while on break or when you need to work away from where your truck is kept.

We know that construction and machinery loading ramps are quite expensive. If you have someone looking after your tipper or trailer truck while you’re away, it lessens the risk of theft. Don’t get too confident leaving an expensive ramp unattended!

Figuring out how to secure your valuables doesn’t have to be a chore. You can use these simple tips now and get positive results. Taking precautions early will not only save you a lot but will keep your valuables safe and secure. It’s best to be cautious now, rather than scratch your head wondering where your ramps have disappeared to later!

If you think this article helped you in any way, write us your feedback below. If you need more information on other security products, contact us and our friendly team will be happy to help you.

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