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Looking For a Wheelchair Provider in Australia? Take This 5 Easy to Follow Guide

a man riding his wheelchair on a road during late afternoon

Picking a wheelchair and mobility aid provider can be daunting and tricky. If you’re on the lookout for your next quality rehab technology provider to help you select your next high-end wheelchair, following this guide will make your hunting easier and less stressful.

Two people facing a bridge one on a wheelchair the other one sitting on the bench

A good wheelchair and mobility aid provider should be more of a guide than a salesman. They should be treating you with honesty and integrity while at the same time educating you on your purchase options. Remember that the ultimate buying decision should be yours and your decision should be one that you are comfortable with and not pressured into. 

So, to make hunting less of a headache, what are the criteria to consider for your next wheelchair provider?

1. Are They Qualified? 

Regardless of how you go about in deciding which provider to choose, the first factor to seek out is their professional qualifications. A National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) accredited provider is an advantage. In Australia, for a provider to sell rehabilitation wheelchairs, the government requires this qualification. Although this is not a guarantee of great service, it’s a good starting point.

2. Do They Ask The Right Questions? 

Make sure that the provider knows your condition and the specifics about your current situation. If a provider asks few or no questions at all and immediately steers you toward a particular type of chair, this is a red flag! In cases where a provider doesn’t ask you pertinent questions like details of your impairment, your living conditions, mode of transport, positioning requirements etc, chances are they are not the right provider for you.

3. Do They Really Understand What You Need? 

A provider should closely pay attention to your specialised requirements to be able to communicate effectively. If they are not clear on any specific points of your condition, they should make an effort to ask for other competent parties related to you such as your specialist, your doctor or any member of your family that has full knowledge about your condition.

4. Are They Professional? 

A good provider should be professional in dealing with their clients. If you call to make inquiries and they are not available to entertain your calls, they should return calls quickly, or keep any prearranged appointments. They should also perform maintenance in a timely manner and process any paperwork promptly and properly.

5. Do They Know Their Products? 

Another important thing to consider is that they should have complete, current information about their products. They must know everything about their product features and proper product uses. They should offer you a number of product options that will satisfy your requirements. On top of that, they should also inform you of any problem resolution process if a certain problem arises. They should properly take care of setting up, fitting, fine-tuning, shipping, and follow-up alterations of their products.

If financing the product is a problem, it can be a plus if the provider can help you go over the costs and financing possibilities that they offer in full detail, outlining your financial obligations. Some providers even offer their products to hire if a client is still uncertain if purchasing an item is beneficial, so you might take advantage of that too!

Old couple on their wheelchairs

Finally, didn’t we tell you that we will help make your hunt easy? Along with this guide is a directory that you may find beneficial in your search for a wheelchair and mobility aid provider all over Australia.

The Directory of Australia's Top Wheelchair & Mobility Stores has been carefully arranged per state. You can find stores offering health care products, aged care equipment, rehabilitation equipment, patient handling products, manual wheelchairs, electric wheelchairs, mobility scooters and other mobility equipment. So whatever state you’re at, there’s a list that you can look into. Below are links to the directory of each state.

Wheelchair & Mobility Stores Perth, Western Australia
Wheelchair & Mobility Stores Melbourne, Victoria
Wheelchair & Mobility Stores Sydney, New South Wales
Wheelchair & Mobility Stores Adelaide, South Australia
Wheelchair & Mobility Stores Brisbane, Queensland
Wheelchair & Mobility Stores Darwin, Northern Territory
Wheelchair & Mobility Stores Tasmania
Wheelchair & Mobility Stores Canberra, Australian Capital Territory

Along with your wheelchair and mobility scooter, you may also find a wheelchair ramp just as useful. Having a wheelchair ramp is a great way to get around inaccessible areas that you might otherwise not be able to. A portable wheelchair ramp can help you go out and about in most places at any time. Ramp Champ has a wide range of wheelchair ramps to choose from. You can check the variety of options available on our site.

Old man on his mobility scooter facing a doorway with ramp

Now, we trust that this article will help you find the best equipment provider to regain your mobility and independence. If you find this article helpful, please let us know through the comments below.

Did your business miss out making the list? Contact our team today about listing your business with Ramp Champ.

Infographic of 5 Things to know when choosing a wheelchair provider in Australia


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