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7 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Buy A Ramp From Your Local Hardware Store


Author: Ramp Champ | Published:

If you’re in the market for a pair of high-quality loading ramps, then chances are you’re about to scope the range at your local hardware store. 

Job done, hey? 

But then again, maybe you’re wondering if there’s a specialised store with higher-quality ramps. A store where an expert will walk you through ramps that are the right fit, size and material (not to mention, actually weighted to carry your 5-tonne excavator that’s worth $50k). 

Don’t get us wrong, hardware stores are great and all. Especially if you need tools, timber or a Sunday sausage sizzle. But your mind doesn’t exactly jump to high-quality loading ramps, does it? 

And there’s a reason for that. 

Generalised stores have exactly that… general knowledge. 

At Ramp Champ, we don't see ourselves as generalists. Sure, we can’t tell you a thing about paint colours, but we can tell you everything there is to know about loading ramps. 

And speaking from experience, this knowledge is what will keep you out of strife when you’re loading heavy machinery. 

So here are 7 reasons why you should pick up a sausage from your local hardware store, but not a loading ramp… 

1. One Size Doesn’t Fit All


Having a one-size-fits-all ramp is like having the same clothing sizes for adults and children. It’s just not gonna work. And that’s because every ramp should be suited to your machine and tipper or trailer… not a stock standard one off the shelf. 

Let’s put this into practice: As a general rule, the higher the height of your tipper then the longer the ramp needs to be. This makes for a gentler gradient and reduces the risk of sliding, slipping or tipping (AKA a bad day in the office). 

The ideal gradient is between 16 and 23 degrees. At Ramp Champ, we have a handy ramp calculator to guide you. Simply key in the height of your tipper or trailer and the length of the ramp you’re interested in. Then, it’ll tell you the gradient. It’ll also give you a diagram so you have a visual interpretation. 

Rinse and repeat until you find the right-sized ramp. 

2. The Incorrect Carrying Capacity Is A Recipe For Disaster


 If we had a dollar for every time a customer came to see us after their “heavy-duty loading ramp” cracked under pressure… Well, we’d probably be drinking champagne on a yacht in the Bahamas. 

Because a lot of hardware stores will claim their ramp is heavy-duty, but on closer inspection, it’s only rated to 1800kg or less (a significant safety concern if you’ve got an 8-tonne excavator). 

When you come to Ramp Champ, we’ll make sure you’ve correctly weighed your machine before we sell you a ramp. This includes…

  • Considering the heaviest machinery you’ll be moving up and down the ramp (yep, that includes your workmate's machinery, too)
  • Your weight if you plan on sitting in the machinery as you move up and down
  • The wet weight (including all fluids like fuel and oil)

See how the weight can add up? 

3. They Don’t Have Different Rung Types


Most hardware stores don’t have different rung types for rubber or steel tracks. 

And it’s kind of a big deal. Because steel track machines need ramps with rungs that are specially designed for steel tracks. 

Loading a steel track machine onto ramps that are designed for rubber tracks and air tyres will spell disaster. That’s because the opening and closing action of the steel tracks will chew through your alloy ramps and they’ll break under pressure…  

Then it’s back to the store for you. 

At Ramp Champ, our ramps are available in a range of different rung types, suitable for pneumatic (air) tyres, rubber tracks, steel tracks and wheeled machines.

It’s as simple as showing us your machine, then we’ll point you in the right direction. 

4. They Haven’t Considered Connection Points


It’s one thing to have the correct size, weight capacity and rung type. 

The next thing is to make sure your correctly fitted ramp stays where it’s supposed to. 

A lot of hardware stores will just have “rubber fingers” where the ramp meets your tipper or trailer, then call it a day. But this feature doesn’t exactly scream safety. 

At Ramp Champ, we have a range of heavy-duty loading ramps that come with lock-in connection points. Having your ramp slip around will be the least of your worries. 

5. There’s No Mention Of International Certifications


International Certifications and Safety Standards like NATA, CE, TUV, GS Certification and EN ISO 12100:2010 are important because they tell you - the ramp user - that they’re the real deal.

A lot of hardware stores don’t have these certifications listed, so proceed with caution. 

At Ramp Champ, our loading ramps are certified to high international standards, ticking all the boxes listed above (and more).    

6. They Have Minimal Safety Features


It’s the little things, right? 

A lot of generalist stores will get away with the bare minimum when it comes to safety features. As long as they keep selling them to the uninformed buyer… they’ll keep manufacturing them. 

But at Ramp Champ, we’ve poured our time and energy into coming up with safer solutions for you. 

This includes innovative features like a reinforced bottom rung, which is where the bottom rung sits lower to the ground creating a smoother ride and preventing any cracks and bends (in cheaper ramps, the bottom rung is often the first to go). 


We’re committed to listening to customer feedback (both good and bad) and continuously evolving our products to suit the market. 

7. You’re Not Really Getting A “Bargain” 


Don’t get us wrong, you can pick up a lot of good quality bargains at your local hardware store. 

But in most cases, ramps aren’t one of them. 

Sure, it may be cheaper for the short term and you can pick up a snag on your way out. But just be prepared to replace it after 5 months when it starts to show signs of wear and tear. 

At Ramp Champ, we’re Australia’s largest and best ramp retailer. We have a growing number of loyal customers that came to us after their ramp gave way (and now they won’t go anywhere else). 

Sure, we might not have the cheapest ramps on the shelf. But we pride ourselves on our specialised, high-quality options, giving our customers the perfect match for their machinery.

Questions? Our friendly team is here to help you find the right ramp. Give us a buzz at 1300 913 047 or email us at

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