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Yard Ramps — The Complete Buyer’s Guide

Yard Ramps — The Complete Buyer’s Guide

Author: Ramp Champ | Published:

“I don’t care about efficiency” — said no business owner, ever. 

As many businesses would know, moving your goods safely, quickly and affordably is essential for smooth day-to-day operations. 

But in saying that, not all business owners have the luxury of a purpose-built loading dock. 

Enter, yard ramps.


Yard ramps are a cost-effective, fast, safe and mobile way to move items from A to B. 

They’re ideal if you need to move items from a container, truck or trailer (and you don’t have a loading dock available). And on the flip side, they can also be used to move items from the ground to a loading dock. 

When it comes to choosing a yard ramp, it needs to be specific to your business and how you plan to use it (otherwise you could end up with the wrong — not to mention dangerous — fit). 

So let’s jump into…

What are yard ramps?

It would be a tedious task loading and unloading trucks by hand. 

Thankfully, yard ramps are mobile, self-standing ramps used to unload trucks, trailers or containers when there’s no loading dock available. In some cases, it can also be used to move items from the ground to a loading dock. 

When Would You Use A Yard Ramp?

There are so many uses for a yard ramp. Let’s take a look at some examples…

Case Study 1 — Meet Georgia

Business woman in her dairy production location with milk bottles and dairy machine packaging

Georgia runs a medium-sized dairy processing business in Melbourne. Given the size and scale of her operations, she doesn't have the budget and space to install a purpose-built loading dock. But at the same time, her regular deliveries arrive at her warehouse via truck — which often vary in size. The surrounding surface is concrete. 

She purchased the Heeve Forklift Dock Ramp/Yard Ramp with Grated Surface - Manual Yard Ramp, an affordable alternative compared to installing a loading dock. She purchased this option due to the constant change in truck height, as this yard ramp can quickly adapt when she doesn’t know what height the truck will be. 


Case Study 2 — Meet Paul

Business man in his logistic warehouse with boxes of products

Paul is a delivery manager for a large logistics business in Sydney. They currently have 3 loading docks that are regularly used. In some cases, Paul finds it necessary to coordinate the movement of goods from the loading dock to ground level. 

Paul purchased the Heeve Forklift Dock Ramp/Yard Ramp with Grated Surface - Hydraulic, a simple solution to move items. He chose this option because of the hydraulic lift, making it easy to move from A to B. 


How To Choose the Right Ramp Based on the Australian Standards  

While selecting an appropriate yard ramp may initially seem as straightforward as determining the weight of your goods, it's pivotal to delve deeper into other factors for optimal use and safety.

Comprehensive standards govern the design and manufacture of yard ramps, with a primary focus on their ability to safely manage the loads they are designed to handle.

A key feature of a dependable yard ramp is its adherence to internationally recognised load rating certifications. An example of this is the Australian Standards. Our Heeve Yard Ramps have been meticulously crafted to align with the stringent AS4100 Steel Structure standards, reassuring their superior performance and strength whilst handling the loads they were designed to bear.

While this certification is a symbol of the high-quality design and unparalleled performance of our ramps, it's also key to remember the importance of considering other critical factors involved in maximizing usability and safety.

Consider these points when selecting a yard ramp:

  1. The weight and type of the heaviest equipment to be used on it
  2. Maximum load the equipment will transport
  3. Australian Standard Certification

With this multi-faceted approach, you are guaranteed to make a selection that thoroughly aligns with your operational requirements and safety mandates. 

7 Things To Consider Before Buying A Yard Ramp

1. Does the ramp have side rails? 

Side rails add an extra layer of safety for forklifts, pallet jacks and workers walking up and down the ramp. At Ramp Champ, all our ramps have optional pedestrian rails which can be added permanently or via fixed bolts (so they can be removed). 


2. Does the ramp have coupler chains?

Coupler chains are used to connect the ramp to the truck or container to prevent any movement — a solid safety feature. 


3. Hydraulic vs Manual? 

Some yard ramps, like the Heeve Forklift Dock Ramp/Yard Ramp with Grated Surface - Hydraulic,  come with a hydraulic lifting system allowing you to quickly move it from A to B. Whereas ramps like the Heeve Forklift Dock Ramp/Yard Ramp with Grated Surface - Manual Yard Ramp  are raised and lowered manually via the support legs. As a side note, the hydraulic lift system is not to raise it to a truck height (you’ll still need telescopic legs for this). 

When deciding between a hydraulic or mechanical lift, ask yourself how often you plan on shifting the height. Do you unload from multiple different trucks? Or are they always the same height? 


4. What about the frame type?

The robustness of the frame is another significant factor when choosing a yard ramp. While all ramps at Ramp Champ pass stringent safety examinations, some designs bring an added level of sturdiness to the table.

The Heeve Manual and Hydraulic yard ramps  are such examples. These sturdy ramps have been constructed with a solid frame that can withstand the rigorous demands of daily operations.

Their grated surface enhances traction, minimizing slippage and promoting safer handling of loads. The manual variant provides an economic option with a reliance on manpower, while the hydraulic version offers an upgraded convenience with its efficient machinery, making it optimal for heavier loads and more frequent usage.

The frame's build quality in these ramps ensures long-lasting durability, making them an excellent investment for those requiring 'a little more oomph' from their ramp.


5. Do you need wheel chocks?

Does the yard ramp you’re interested in come with wheel chocks to prevent movement? 


6. Wheels vs stationary feet?

Some yard ramps come with wheels, others come with stationary feet, and some are interchangeable. The option you choose will depend on how often you plan on moving the ramp. Both our Hydraulic and Manual yard ramps come with rubber wheels, making it a great option if you plan on quickly moving the ramp across hard surfaces, rock or grass. 


7. How much space do you have to store your yard ramp? 

Assessing the available storage space for your yard ramp is a key factor to consider. In various scenarios, available storage space may be limited. A practical solution for such circumstances is opting for a model that accommodates space restrictions.


The Heeve Yard Ramps Advantage

What truly sets Heeve Yard Ramps apart and above the competition is our commitment to safe, durable, and user-friendly design elements.

Load-Rated Lifting Points

A distinctive feature unique to Heeve Yard Ramps is our incorporation of load-rated lifting points. These specifically engineered points enhance the safe and efficient handling of our ramps. But we don't stop there. To ensure their appropriate use, each purchase also includes a comprehensive rigging diagram. This definitive guide, combined with the lifting points, helps guarantee both the safety and ease of operation for all our customers. Our goal is to not merely meet industry standards but to set new benchmarks of excellence.

All-Weather Grated Surface

In addition, our yard ramps – both the manual and hydraulic models have an exceptional grated surface. This surface acts as a significant advantage by making our ramps suitable for any weather conditions. Imagine you have to load a truck in a muddy field or under pouring rain - a typical ramp would be very slippery and can add to the weight of the machine being loaded! Not with Heeve yard ramps. The innovative grated surface lets mud or rain water to fall through, effectively reducing slippage and minimizing added weight. The result? A safe, efficient, and practical solution that remains operational, whatever the weather!

It is with these unique features and relentless focus on quality that Heeve Yard Ramps continue to stand out in the market, delivering unparalleled performance and consistently exceeding customer’s expectations.

Find A Yard Ramp At Ramp Champ — Australia’s Largest Range Of Ramps 

At Ramp Champ, we have Australia’s largest range of ramps. We’ve been helping businesses — big and small — find the yard ramp since 2016. With so many options on the market for a whole range of uses, we’re guaranteed to have the right fit.   

If you have any questions about our yard ramps or how to get the correct load rating, our friendly team are here to help. Give us a buzz on 1300 913 047 or email us at   

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