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Forklift Container Ramps — Your Questions Answered


Author: Ramp Champ | Published:

Forklift ramps allow for convenient, efficient and seamless unloading of goods from a container, truck or trailer. 

But understandably, most businesses have a few questions before they jump on a forklift and start unloading. 

Questions like, how do you drive a forklift down a ramp? And what is the maximum slope for a forklift ramp? 

In this article, we'll tackle common forklift container ramps questions to help you save time, reduce your workload, and ensure a safe working environment.

Let’s get rolling… 

Forklift Container Ramp FAQS

What is a forklift container ramp?

As the name suggests, it’s any ramp that’s intended for use with a forklift. When we refer to a forklift ramp, this could be referring to…

  • Container ramps — a ramp to create a smooth, easy and safe transition from the ground to the floor of a container. 
  • Yard ramps — a mobile, self-standing ramp used to unload trucks, trailers or containers when there’s no loading dock available.
  • Mobile docking ramp — A mobile loading dock is perfect for trucks without a built-in tailgate loading system. It acts as a bridge between the truck and loading dock, allowing pallets to be directly loaded. 

    What is a yard ramp? And is this different to a container ramp? 

    Yes, a yard ramp is different from a container ramp. 

    Simply, a yard ramp is mobile, self-standing ramp used to unload trucks, trailers or containers when there’s no loading dock available (or in some cases, from a loading dock to the ground).


    A container ramp, on the other hand, is a smaller ramp that creates a transition from the ground to the floor of a container. 


    Can a forklift drive up a ramp?  

    Yes, a forklift can safely drive up a ramp provided it meets the capacity limits and follows correct usage. Loaded forklifts should be driven with the load pointing UP the ramp to avoid the load slipping out. 


    How do you travel on a ramp with a forklift?

    To travel on a ramp with a forklift, make sure…

    • The load always points up the ramp (that means travelling in reverse when going down)
    • Avoid turning left or right when travelling up the ramp
    • Follow the capacity limits of the ramp

    What is the maximum slope for a forklift ramp?

    The maximum slope for a forklift ramp is recommended to be no more than 12°.

    To calculate the slope, you’ll need to do some quick math (don’t worry, we’ve got you). 

    First up, grab a tape measure and measure the height (or rise) of where you plan on securing the top of the ramp. By knowing this height, you’ll then be able to determine the ideal ramp length and avoid a gradient that’s too steep. 

    Enter these details into our ramp calculator, along with the length of the ramp you’re interested in. 

    Then, it’ll do the maths for you and spit out the gradient. Remember, we’re looking for something no more than 12°.


    Can you drive a forklift across a slope?

    Forklifts are designed to drive straight up and down ramps, but we never recommend driving a forklift across a slope. This could lead to the forklift overturning or rolling. 

    When travelling up or down slopes, how should the forklift tynes be pointed? 

    Always point the forklift tynes directly up the ramp. That means driving in reverse down the ramp (especially when you have a full load). 

    Are you allowed to turn a forklift on a ramp or slope?

    No. It’s not recommended to turn a forklift on a ramp or slope, as this could throw off the balance and lead to the forklift overturning or rolling. 

    Can you park a forklift on an incline? 

    It’s best to park a forklift on a flat surface. However, if the only option is to park a forklift on a ramp or incline, ensure the wheels are chocked to avoid slipping. 

    Are forklift ramps safe?

    When used correctly, forklift ramps are a safe way to load and unload goods. Correct use includes…

    • Adhering to the capacity rating (understanding static and dynamic load)
    • Following recommended operating procedures
    • Always driving the forklift straight up the ramp, with the tynes pointed upward

    Where can you buy a forklift container ramp? 

    Operating-Forklift -lifting-container ramp

    At Ramp Champ, we have Australia’s largest range of ramps, including forklift ramps, container ramps, mobile docking ramps and yard ramps.

    With so many options on the market for a whole range of uses, we’re guaranteed to have the right fit.

    If you're in search of a container ramp and not sure what to choose, here's another must-read article we want to recommend - Container Ramps: The Complete Buyer's Guide. This will help guide you on the best options for your container ramp needs.

    For more ramps questions, our friendly team are here to help. Give us a buzz on 1300 913 047 or email us at   

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