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How to Choose the Right ATV Ramp

ATV loading a truck on a ramp

Author: Ramp Champ | Published: | Updated:

ATVs are a fantastic adrenaline rush, but riding them around the back yard is only fun for a short time and they aren’t much good to you if you can’t get them to where you want to go.
Choosing the right ATV ramp, so you can get on the move, is imperative to both the security of your vehicle and your own safety.

When you’re shopping around, you’ll no doubt find that there are many styles and features available, so how do you know you’re getting the right ramp?

Here are some things to consider:

  1. Will you be loading the ATV onto the ramp yourself or will you have some help? If you are working alone, you’ll want to consider something that has a bit more length, that way you don’t have too much angle so you won’t need any assistance pushing, balancing and lifting, you’ll be able to drive it straight on yourself.
  2. What are you loading it onto? If you are loading onto a truck, you’re going to need a ramp that is adjusted to heights greater than if you are loading it onto a trailer or the back of a ute.
  3. What is the weight of your ATV? You need to choose a ramp that has the right weight capacity. To find out the correct weight, check your manual. It will tell you how much the vehicle itself is set to weigh. If you have modifications on it, you need to take that into consideration, along with a full tank of fuel and your own weight as you’re going to need to drive it up and down the ramp.
  4. How wide does your ramp need to be? Base that on the size of your tyres or the width of your vehicle, depending on the style of the ramp you purchase.
  5. What style do you prefer?  There are five main types of the ramp for ATVs: Dual Runner ramps have 2 separate ramps that you want to fit your tyres. These are available in folding or non-folding, arched or straight and they are easy to take with you. Bifold ramps that fold in half; trifold that fold in thirds; trailer ramps which are also suitable for UTVs and Golf Carts; and straight ramps that can either be purchased as straight or arched.

Whatever style you need, find a reputable ATV brand, stick with it and don’t be afraid of the up-front investment. The better quality ramp you have now, the longer it will last.


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Hi Dale, you will need a ramp at least 3.8m long to access this height. We can custom-make one for you. Please contact our sales team at 1300 913 047 for assistance.

Ramp Champ,

Hi looking for ramps to load a ATV onto my tray which is roughly 1.5m high.


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