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Why Regular Exercise is Great For Dogs

Two brown dogs running side by side on field

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There’s no doubt about it. Dogs LOVE to get out for a walk or run. It doesn’t matter whether they are puppies, or old dogs, small or big; there’s nothing quite like enjoying the fresh air with your best mate.

It begins the moment you put your boots on, and his little ears prick up. He watches you as you grab your hat and your keys. Eyes wide with the anticipation building. You whistle, and within seconds he’s by your side, tail wagging, barking, jumping and ready to rumble!

The Benefits of Regular Exercise for Dogs

Regular exercise is imperative for your dog and the benefits are amazing. Firstly, it promotes good health. By regularly taking your pet for a walk, you can help fight off things like heart disease, digestive problems, urinary infections and other illness. It also helps them to be happier, sleep better and live longer!

If you’re having problems with your pet chewing at your furniture and digging up the garden: you know they’re bored. Taking them for regular walks can combat that and give them something exciting to look forward to. It’ll also help to stop them barking so much when you’re not home.

How Much Exercise Do Dogs Need?

On average, larger breeds need at least 40 minutes of intensive cardio every day. That includes things like chasing balls or running along the beach catching waves as they roll in. Smaller breeds need around 20 minutes of light cardio, a couple of times a day.

The more active the breed, the more you will need to take them out. It doesn’t matter how big or small your pet is, they need to get out in the fresh air and get exercise to lead a happy and healthy life. Much like we do. Providing them with stimulation while you exercise is also beneficial, so take them bike riding or hiking with you!

Age and Size Doesn't Matter

Finally, their age and size should never be an excuse: if your dog loves to exercise but has trouble getting in and out of your vehicle or pool, check out our range of dog stairs and ramps. You’ll find one to suit every need.

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