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Tips & Tricks: Transport Golf Carts without the Ouch!

golf cart loaded on black ute

Author: Ramp Champ | Published: | Updated:

Transporting a golf cart to a new location seems daunting, but it can be a smooth move if you consider its seemingly mundane details. If you are considering door to door service, meaning to say you don’t have any drop-off or pick-up points for the golf cart.

Here are some tips on how to load the cart:

  • To load the cart on the truck, it will take only a half hour with the right equipment and technique.
  • You will need a golf cart, pickup truck, two aluminium ramps and two nylon straps.
  • Fix ramp such that they are as wide as a place between tires.
  • The size of the cart will determine the width.
  • The ramps will connect to the back of the truck.
  • The golf cart must now be started and driven to the back of the truck till you reach the back walls.
  • In the case of standard trucks, closing the back door may be difficult. Because of this, you may use an extended bed truck.
  • To keep the cart secure, use nylon ratchet straps to wrap around the golf carts secure loading points and secure straps to both sides of the truck.

With this easy-to-do tips, you can easily transfer your cart from one location to another without stress!

Ramps remain a necessity in transporting vehicles—however, before investing, make sure you’re saving yourself from a backache by taking into consideration all of the important facets of what goes into its transportation. Carefully review the above tips and

if you have any questions about choosing the best ramp for you, please don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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