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Buyer’s Guide: Ramps For Dogs - Features to Evaluate

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Author: Ramp Champ | Published: | Updated:

Does your dog always want to climb up your bed and snuggle with you? Or does he always the first one to jump up your car when you're off to road trips?

When your dog needs support for these same activities, what does she use? With all these jumping and climbing what your dog need is a ramp for a smooth and easy transition!

With this article, we aim to help you quickly identify the perfect outdoor or indoor dog ramp to meet your pup’s needs and your budget. Now read on to learn about how to choose your pet ramp for your pooch!

Here are some features you need to evaluate:

  • How easy are the ramps to adjust, assemble, set up and store?  
  • What is the weight tolerance - it is sturdy enough for your pet?  
  • Safety – are the pet steps well stabilized and secure? No wobbly platforms. 
  • Does the dog ramp have a non-slip tread for bad weather or when wet, or stay-put feet? 
  • What will be the primary use – choose a product to fit the purpose whether for indoor or outdoor use.

For maximum value, look for these features:

  • Easy handling - It needs to be lightweight enough for you to work with easily. Also, make sure it has a handle. It may seem like a simple feature, but it ensures single-hand, convenient carrying.
  • Strength - Look at the dog ramp's weight capacity. Make sure it's rated for your pet's size.
  • Safety - Look for front and rear stabilizer lips or non-skid feet to keep both the dog ramp in place and your pet secure. Look for side railings to stabilize the ramp and prevent falls.
  • Traction - When loading a pet into a vehicle in wet or icy conditions, the dog ramp must have adequate surface traction to prevent your pet from slipping.
  • Compact Storage - A telescoping or folding model is ideal as they slide open easily without hardware and fold back just as readily for space-saving storage in the cargo area of your vehicle or in a small closet in your home.

Finally, do yourself and your back a favour

You very well know that lifting a dog frequently can put a strain on you too. So seriously consider the advantages of ramps for dogs. All the more if your dog pal is smaller, so dog steps is another option for you. Either way, everyone will benefit.

If you’re still not sure you may contact us and we’ll guide you through it!


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