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3 Warning Signs It’s Time To Replace Your Ramp

Photo of a skid steer loader about to load on a used pair of aluminium ramps

Author: Ramp Champ | Published: | Updated:

We often know when it’s time to replace everyday items. 

Image of a man replacing a car's flat tyre

Maybe your car is leaving you stranded. Or your mattress is sinking into the bed frame. Or perhaps your phone dies when it hits 40% battery. 

But when it comes to ramps, the replacement signs aren’t always as obvious (until it’s too late). 

There could be a slight bend or a tiny hairline crack. Or maybe you’ve upgraded your machinery or motorbike, without realising the ramp is no longer a good match. 

And a ramp that’s overdue for a replacement could leave you in a pickle (we’re talking broken ramps, damaged machinery or significant safety concerns). 

So whether you’re using a ramp for machinery, cars, motorbikes or wheelchairs, it’s time to give it a good look over. You’re about to discover:

  • The signs your ramp is deteriorating 
  • The problem with outdated ramps
  • Are you misusing your ramp without realising? 

Let’s jump in. 

3 Signs Your Ramp Needs Replacing

Your Ramp Is Deteriorating 

Ramp deterioration looks different depending on the material it’s made out of. Here are the most common signs of deterioration we come across… 

Image of a pair of damaged aluminium ramps lying on the ground

  • Aluminium Bending: this usually occurs on the rungs or beams of aluminium ramps, particularly when they’ve been misused and overloaded. Bending is most common on the first 6 rungs of a ramp, as this often cops the brunt of the weight. 
  • Aluminium Cracks: in aluminium ramps, these can be obvious cracks or teeny tiny hairline cracks that are barely visible. Either way, it’s a sign your ramp is becoming dodgy and unsafe. Sure, you can weld them up and they might hold up for a bit longer… But it’s a bandaid fix that may eventually come undone. Not ideal when you’re at a job site or on a motorbike weekender. 
  • Aluminium Rust: aluminium ramps can begin to deteriorate or corrode if they’re left out in the weather for too long, causing your ramp to become weak and brittle. Yikes.

three side by side Images of an aluminium ramps' cracks and unwelded rungs

  • Wood Rotting: when wooden ramps are left outside in the weather, they can rot and weaken. 
  • Wood Splitting: if a timber ramp is used with the incorrect weight (we’re talking a Great Dane instead of a Chihuahua) then the wood can start to split and weaken the ramp’s capacity.  
  • Rubber Chipping: over time, rubber threshold ramps can start to split and chip away on the edges (usually on the thinnest section of the wedge). This may affect the ramp's grip (and of course, it doesn’t look as tidy in your home). 

side by side images of a rotting wood ramp, a crack  at the part part of a wood ramp and a chipping rubber ramp installed on a ground

Your Ramp Is Outdated

Have you been using the same old ramp for 10 years? Often mumbling to yourself, “it’s time I upgrade this thing?” 

Image of a used set of aluminium ramps

There’s no hard and fast rule for the lifespan of a ramp. It depends on the ramp type and how you use it. For example, if you’ve got a heavy-duty pet ramp that’s only tip-toed on by a miniature poodle - chances are it’ll be good to go for years and years. 

But if you’re at the capacity limit for an excavator ramp, and use it daily on your job site, you’d be looking at upgrading your ramp every 1 - 2 years for safety reasons.  

Having an outdated ramp also means you might be missing out on improved safety features. The ramps on the market today are lightweight, strong and durable - with options for extra traction, rails and attachment points to keep them safe and secure. 

Your Ramp Is Being Misused

Over the years, have you changed the way you’re using your ramp? But perhaps you didn’t change the ramp to suit? 

Image of a lawnmower loading a ute on a pair of Heeve loading ramp

This is a common story we hear amongst ramp owners, when they get a new car, house, machinery or dog. This could look something like…

  • You moved house and the threshold ramp isn’t perfectly aligned with the height of the step, creating a small tripping hazard.
  • You upgraded your Toyota Yaris to a Toyota Hilux, and since this is higher, your ramp may now be too short.
  • You moved house and your rolled edge kerb ramp doesn’t perfectly fit a straight edge kerb. 
  • You got a new dog (that’s practically a horse). But you’re using the same ramp that you bought for Toto, your miniature poodle.
  • You’ve upgraded to heavier machinery, which exceeds the carrying capacity of the ramp. And deep down you know your “she’ll be right” attitude might cause a safety issue down the track.
  • You bought a permanent ramp, but you found yourself wanting to lug it around on multiple occasions. In this case, you’d probably be better off upgrading to a portable version and saving your back. 

Is Your Ramp Deteriorated, Outdated Or Misused? 

Did you find yourself nodding along to the signs your ramp needs replacing? Or have you been crossing your fingers every time you use your dodgy ramp - just hoping it holds up? 

At Ramp Champ, we’re Australia’s largest and best ramp retailer. We sell thousands of ramps every year and ship to any location in Australia (and we mean any - just try us). 

We have an extensive range (over 1000 products) which means that we match our ramps to your needs so it’ll last for years to come. Plus, we include a generous warranty period for added peace of mind. 

So if your ramp is showing signs of wear and tear and is due for a replacement,  we would love to help. Give us a buzz on 1300 913 047 or email us at 

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