ATV loading and unloading safety tips

ATV loading and unloading safety tips

Getting your ATV in and out of a trailer will require a ramp. Most trailers have some sort of built-in ramp. Also, there are extensive lists of procedures and practices that should be regarded while operating a recreational vehicle. Today we will discuss just one aspect: the astonishingly under-rated job of loading and unloading your ATV or any vehicle. As you would expect, the first rule that applies here is to use what is known as your common sense! Though, we have seen so many excited drivers and powersport enthusiasts ignore these concerns. So allow us to outline some of the basics...

  • Make sure your ramps are long enough to work well.
  • Don’t suddenly change gears while on the ramps, and don’t blip the throttle or surprise the brakes.
  • Park on a surface as close to level as possible.
  • Take the music out of your ears if needed, and make sure you have a good visual of your surroundings before attempting to use the ramps.
  • Use a trailer if you have one to use.
  • Check your ramps twice. Don’t be in a rush. Don’t get lazy and overlook the necessity of simple things like safety straps and parking brakes.

If you are not familiar with the machines you are handling, then ask someone for help. And even if you are familiar, use your common sense, and you’ll be fine. Have fun and remember safety first!

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