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AusRamp vs Digga vs Sureweld — What’s Best For Your Heavy Machinery?


Author: Ramp Champ | Published:

So, you’re in the market for the best set of construction machinery loading ramps. 

Shopping around. 

Comparing brands. 

Weighing up pricing. 

… And good on you for doing your research. 

Because when you’re dealing with machinery like a 4-tonne excavator, getting the wrong set of ramps can have nasty consequences. 

But we’re not here to dwell on that. 

We’re here to compare some of Australia’s best machinery loading ramp brands — Ausramp, Digga and Sureweld — so you can make the right choice for your bit of kit. 

We’ll also explore some emerging  brands of ramps that boast the same quality as the big guys (often for a more attractive price point). 

This article will explore…

  • What you need to know about Ausramp, Digga and Sureweld (and how they compare)
  • Are there other (emerging brand) ramp brands that boast the same quality?
  • What should you consider before buying a machinery loading ramp? 


AusRamp 8-Tonne 3.5m x 620mm Aluminium Loading Ramps


Starting in 1994, Ausramp has earnt a reputation for providing long-lasting, high-quality and lightweight aluminium ramps. 

Why we love Ausramp:

  • Clever engineering with options to suit steel tracks, rubber tracks and pneumatic tyres
  • Designed and manufactured in Australia
  • Supports machines weighing 2 tonnes to 8 tonnes

Best selling Ausramp: 5-Tonne 3.5m x 550m Aluminium Loading Ramps 


Digga 5.9-Tonne 3.5m x 510mm Ezi-Loada Aluminium Loading Ramps

Established in 1981, Digga are a leading machinery attachment manufacturer, specialising in everything from buckets to augers to cement mixers. Their aim is to create high-quality products at competitive prices. 

Why we love Digga:

  • They’re a great “off the shelf” option if you need immediate collection 
  • Supports machines weighing 1 tonne to  9 tonnes
  • Options to suit steel tracks, rubber tracks and pneumatic tyres

Best selling Digga: Digga 5.9-Tonne 3.5m x 510mm Ezi-Loada Aluminium Loading Ramps 


Sureweld 1.9-Tonne 2.9m x 390mm Rubber Series Aluminium Loading Ramps

Beginning as a small company in 1976, today Sureweld is a leading supplier of aluminium loading ramps and trailers. 

Why we love Sureweld:

  • They can be entirely customised to suit your needs
  • Support machines weighing 1.5 tonnes to a whopping 11.5 tonnes
  • Options to suit steel tracks, rubber tracks and pneumatic tyres
  • Manufactured in Australia

Best selling Sureweld: Our lighter models are the most popular, such as the Sureweld 1.9-Tonne 2.9m x 390mm Rubber Series Aluminium Loading Ramps 

High-Quality (Lesser-Known Brands) Ramp Brands You Should Also Consider

Ausramp, Digga and Sureweld and the big names. The tried and tested brands. 

But in recent years, we’ve seen other ramp brands emerge that boast the same level of innovation and quality (but often come with a lower price tag). 

Our top picks are Heeve, Whipps, AllTrades and Oz Loading Ramps.



Founded in Victoria, Heeve is a family-owned business producing high-quality, intelligent and tested ramps backed by years of industry experience. It’s Ramp Champ’s in-house brand and is highly rated by customers, offering quality ramps at an affordable price point. 

Why we love Heeve: 

  • Our most popular brand choice
  • Ramp Champ’s in-house brand
  • Highly rated by customers with affordable price
  • Australian, family-owned business
  • Support machines weighing 1.8 tonnes to 4 tonnes
  • Options to suit rubber and pneumatic tyres

Best selling Heeve: Heeve 4-Tonne 1.6m x 380mm Aluminium Loading Ramps 



For over 25 years, Whipps has been creating aluminium loading ramps for a range of different industries. They have a wide range of lightweight and affordable options for different machinery types. 

Why we love Whipps: 

  • The most lightweight and affordable options of all ramp brands
  • They have a wide range of ramps, supporting machines weighing 1.5 to 12 tonne
  • Manufactured in Australia
  • Options to suit steel tracks, rubber tracks and pneumatic tyres

Best selling Whipps: Whipps 1.5 Tonne 2.5m x 400mm Aluminium Machinery Loading Ramps 


All trades-heavy-duty-machinery-ramp

Founded in Queensland, AllTrades specialise in high-quality trailers, but also create a range of durable aluminium loading ramps in their All-Load range. 

Why we love AllTrades:

  • Manufactured in Australia
  • Options to suit steel tracks, rubber tracks and pneumatic tyres
  • Supporting machines weighing 1.5 tonnes to 6 tonnes

Best selling AllTrades: All-Load 1.5 Tonne 2m x 390mm All Types Aluminium Loading Ramps 

Oz Loading Ramps


Based in Queensland, Oz Loading Ramps are a budget-friendly solution for heavy machinery weighing up to 1.6 tonnes. 

Why we love Oz Loading Ramps: 

  • They’re a great “off the shelf” option if you need immediate collection 
  • Options to suit rubber tracks and pneumatic tyres
  • Supporting machines weighing up to 1.6 tonnes

Best selling Oz Loading Ramps: Oz 5-Tonne 1.6m x 450mm Aluminium Loading Ramps For Trailers 

How Do Our Construction Machinery Loading Ramps Stack Up? 


Why Are Heeve Loading Ramps Are Our Best Sellers? 

We’ve found Heeve to be our brand of choice based on its incredible durability and budget-friendly price point. It’s perfect for those who want an Australian, economical option that’s readily available off the shelf. 

Heeve is owned by Ramp Champ, so these cost savings are passed down to our customers. On top of loading ramps, Heeve also offers rubber kerb ramps, high-quality wheelchair ramps, pet ramps, vehicle service ramps and more.

What Should You Consider Before Buying A Set Of Loading Ramps?

There are three key things to consider before buying a set of loading ramps: weight, length and features.

Firstly, consider the weight of your machinery, including any liquids and attachments (it goes without saying the right ramp should support the weight of your machine.

Secondly, work out the right ramp length. This will take into account the height of the platform you’ll be loading onto (we’re aiming for a gradient between 16 and 23 degrees). Thankfully, we won’t make you refer back to high school SIN, COS and TAN to work out the side length of a triangle. Our ramp calculator does it for you. 

Thirdly, weigh up ramp features that are important to you. Things like material (sturdy and corrosion-free options like aluminium are best), connection points for added safety, side guards, whether they are sold in pairs, and if they are certified to international standards like ISO 12100:2010. 

At Ramp Champ, We Have Australia’s Largest Range Of Loading Ramps

We have thousands of high-quality ramps in our store so you can easily find a machinery loading ramp that’s suited to your needs.

Here’s how you can find the right loading ramp in 1, 2, 3…

  • Shop by brand
  • Now you have a better idea of the different ramp brands and what they offer, you can find all the best brands on the Ramp Champ website. Hit “brands” to find the one you’re after. 

  • Record your measurements
  • Once you’ve found the ramp you’re interested in, record the height and weight of your machinery. This will ultimately determine the length and capacity you need. You can use our Ramp Calculator to make sure the ramp you’re interested in is the right fit. 

  • Delivered to you
  • We make shopping for ramps simple. We deliver anywhere in Australia. 

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