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Finding the Best Ramp for Moving Furniture

finding the best removalist ramp or walkboard from ramp champ

What is the best ramp for moving furniture?

If you are heading into the removalist game, and are currently considering the options between ramps and lifts for your truck, and how each will benefit you, you should know which is the best option for your particular application.

Having a tail lift is beneficial of course, for those hard to lift items like safes and large fridges, however, the right ramp will ensure the job is done safely, and promptly.

Walk board style ramps are the most commonly used in the application of removalists because they provide a lightweight, convenient and safe option for manual handling and trolley work in a broad range of applications.

One option that many people find suitable is the Australian-made Sureweld heavy duty walk ramps that come in a range of sizes, from 2,700mm x 720mm up to 3,500mm x 820mm and have a weighted capacity of 300kg.

Features to look for when buying a removalist ramp


Whatever industry you’re in, from removalists to handymen, equipment hire to emergency response, walk ramps are lightweight, convenient and built to last.

Find the right size:

Designed to save your back while loading maintenance, food service, and material-handling equipment, these high-quality walk ramps feature low profile side stiles with lengths and widths designed for the most common truck chassis sizes.

Ensure you have a positive connection:

With steel connecting pins supplied to hold the walk board in place even during the most rigorous operation, removalist ramps boast a firm positive fit to your vehicle to ensure safe operation as you handle goods.

removalist ramp connection plate detail from ramp champ

Moving parts = more maintenance:

They have no moving parts and are light enough to handle on your own, however, are manufactured from structural grade alloys to ensure the maximum strength and durability.

Non-slip surface:

Another important feature you should also look for in a ramp for your removalist truck is a non-slip grip. Most accidents will occur in the wet, so a non-slip grip will lower your chances of being injured and damaging the goods you are being paid to move safely.

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