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Ramp Tips for a Happier Dog

Mar 11, 2017 0 comments
Ramp Tips for a Happier Dog

Ramp tips for a happier dog - sausage dog on travelling pooch pet ramp

Ramp Tips for a Happier Dog from Ramp Champ

When it comes to your best friend, you want to make sure they are getting the best out of life. Keeping your dog happy will essentially keep you happy; and while we know isn’t always easy, we came up with some ramp-based tips that are bound to help your dog have a more fulfilling life.

Treat them to a day out:

There’s nothing quite like a trip in the car or ute for a dog, so whenever possible, let your bestie get some air between his gums and between his flapping ears.

If you have a ute or 4WD and your old dog or small breed is finding it hard to get up into the trailer, give them the right amount of independence by providing them with a pet ramp to help them board the vehicle.

Not having to jump will help keep their little legs in better condition as well!

Take them swimming:

There’s no doubt that some dogs hate the water, but if you start them out as a puppy and get them in the ocean or the pool when they are young, you’ll find they grow to love the water as much as you.

Getting a pool ramp will help them to feel more comfortable and confident in the water as well.

Relax on the couch:

Okay, so while it isn’t always encouraged to allow your dog to sit on the couch, for some “parents” it’s a given.

But if you find your little one is having trouble jumping in the couch (whether from old age or because of short legs), getting a Travelling Pooch pet ramp will benefit you both.

It makes for an easier climb onto the prime couch position, and saves you having to bend over to pick them up!

When it comes to looking after your best mate, look after them and without a doubt, they’ll look after you.

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