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How to Safely Use Loading Ramps When Moving Your Vehicle

a van loading a truck trailer on a ramp

Author: Ramp Champ | Published: | Updated:

There is no right and wrong when you're moving a vehicle. There are, however, good and bad tools and methods. 

Let me share with you the proper way to use loading ramps with ease and you’d be surprised that you might be doing it wrong after all this time.

  • First, slide the ramps against the front tires. Position the lower slope of a ramp so it is perfectly centred with the tire. Sight along the side of the car to ensure the ramp is as straight as possible. Repeat with a second ramp on the other side.

If the wheels are turned, move them so they point straight ahead and try again.

  • Secondly, always work on a hard, level, paved or concrete surface. Avoid wet or slippery surfaces, which can make it difficult to drive up the ramp without sliding.
  • Thirdly, drive up the exact centre of the ramp. Get in the car and drive forward directly up the ramp. Get out and confirm that the front wheels are centred exactly on the ramps, and fully on the flat portion of the ramp. If they aren't, drive back off and try again.
  • Fourthly, remember that most ramps have a small bump at the end to tell you when you've reached the edge. If this doesn't look adequate on your ramp, have a friend spot you to prevent you from driving over it.
  • Fifth, if the ramps slide forward as you drive, you'll need to drive a little faster — but keep it smooth and cautious. If you cannot safely drive up the ramp this way, hold the ramps in place by positioning a board between the wall and the back of the ramp.
  • Sixth, engage the parking brake. Once you are sure the car is centred, use the emergency brake to ensure the car does not roll back down the ramp. Stand to the side and gently rock the car to make sure it is stable.
  • Seventh, put two wheel chocks around a back wheel. Place one wheel chock in front of the back wheel, and the other one behind. This is an additional safety measure to keep the car from rolling in either direction. Now you can safely access the underside of the car.
  • Lastly, if you want to be extra safe, put your car on jack stands as well.

Whether what kind of ramp you need, just don’t settle for cheap products and sacrifice quality. A durable ramp is a worthy investment which can last for years. Also, you might be jeopardizing your own safety if you go for items coming from shady retailers.

Contact us and we’ll guide you through it and you’d get the best quality ramps!

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