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Tips & Tricks: Use Pet Ramps While They're Young

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Time and time again we learn from experience that many dog breeds are prone to hip problems and that it is easy for a dog to sustain injury from jumping. Health professionals for dogs recommend using ramps as precautions and a good solution to avoid potential dog injuries.

If pet owners familiarize their furry companions with the use of ramps for dogs from a young age, their pets will have the advantage of life-long protection from these potential injuries.

Bottom line is: it’s a good practice for pet owners to provide dog ramps so that dogs don't have to jump into vehicles or onto floors and risk injury.

Want more convincing? 

Here are a some of the benefits of pet ramps:

  • It provides assistance to a pet that is slowing down and feeling the effects of old age or is recovering from an illness
  • Makes it easier for them to get into a raised dog bath or onto a grooming table
  • It eases the pain of a dog that is arthritic or overweight but still wants to get around and be involved with you

Its Everyday Uses:

  • Getting in and out of vehicles especially SUVs, trucks, motor homes, trailers or just a regular car
  • Getting onto the couch or bed
  • Getting onto their own doggie couch
  • Help for a dog that likes looking out the windows to check up on your neighbours or visitors
  • Getting on/off boats at the beach plank where the water may be deep
  • Flotation safety devices for pools

Now, let’s get down to the nitty gritty...

First and foremost, you should decide which assistance your dog needs: ramps for dogs or steps for dogs or both. Pet ramps are available with different features and some are adjustable or “telescoping.”   Some can also be used for both indoor and outdoor uses.

Indoor pet ramps and doggie steps are available with different slope grades, a number of risers and different widths to suit your dog as well as the intended purpose.

Pet ramps are designed to fit in with your décor so some are carpeted, some plastic, some are made with solid furniture grade wood. You can choose according to your dog’s needs and even your budget.

Carefully review the above tips and if you have any questions about choosing the best pet ramp for you, please don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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