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  • Is 760 height + wheels or is that the overall height an can you get the bottom part closed in like cabinet lock up tool bag

    Hi Sebastian,

    The TradeQuip Workshop Tool Trolley 2 Drawer Lockable Sliding Top's height at 760mm is it's overall height which includes the wheels.

    It only has one lockabe drawer which is the top drawer.

    Hope this helps :)

  • Hello, could you give me the interior height of the drawers?. I mean the height inside the twin drawers ( I think that are both the same sizes). Thanks

    Hi there, 
    Here are the internal dimensions of the TradeQuip Workshop Tool Trolley 2 Drawer Lockable Sliding Top   Top shelf/storage tray: LxWxH: 355 x 670 x 170 (mm) Lower Drawers: LxWxH: 320 x 560 x 50 (mm)

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