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TradeQuip Professional Soda Bi-Carbonate Blasting Media, 23Kg

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TradeQuip Professional Soda Bi-Carbonate Blasting Media Abrasive for TradeQuip Mobile Soda Blasting Kits

Soda Bi-Carbonate blasting media has non-abrasive properties which makes it a very universal blasting media.  This property makes it applicable to use on light materials such as aluminium, plastic, fibreglass, wood etc. When these items undergo the Soda Blasting procedure, it retains a very thin layer of protective film which, if left untouched, helps prevents surface rust from forming on bare steel surfaces for up 6 weeks or even longer if stored in a dry, protected area. Note that this film must be removed before painting. The area must be wiped down with acetone dampened microfiber cloths or suitable lint-free towels. Only use acetone to wipe soda residue. Then, rinse often and immediately follow up with a dry lint-free towel. Any soda media left in the body seems or crevices can be removed with a small shop vacuum and a fine tipped blow gun. Be sure to wipe surrounding areas as described above. This product is made in the USA. 


Features & benefits

  • Ideal for removal of rust and paint
  • Low consumption rate
  • It is highly water soluble, removes and cleans solid waste
  • Automotive industrial coatings
  • Car panelling sandblasting
  • Made in the USA
  • Safe to use on virtually any substrate, including delicate surfaces, rotating equipment



Grit: 100 (170 microns)
Media Flow Rate: 0.2 - 1.4 kg/min
Hardness: 2.5Mohs
Weight: 22.68kg (50lbs)

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