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UTV & Golf Cart Ramps

You can get the most of your UTV or golf cart when you take it anywhere with you. Other than your helmet, gear and gas, a reliable pair of loading ramp is fairly beneficial. If you own a pick-up, ute or trailer, and want to ride it anywhere other than around your home, you know that you’ll need a good quality set of ramps to load and unload your rig. 

Loading Ramp Is Not An Option

Some people think that ramps are just options. However, loading your UTVs or golf carts without ramps, or using improvise ramps, are not just risky but extremely unsafe. What you’ll need is something more reliable, portable and one that will not easily wear over time.

UTV & golf cart ramps come in various styles and sizes and are mostly made from steel or heavy-duty aluminium. Ramp Champ stock loading ramps for all types of UTVs and golf carts and comes in various styles. Our ramps are not only strong and durable but they're lightweight enough to carry and move around

Types of UTV & Golf Cart Ramps

  • Rigid / Straight - is the most common style of loading ramps. It provides good ground clearance making sure that there's no blind spot during loading or offloading,
  • Curved - is a style that is suited for low ground clearance vehicles.
  • Folding - is a good feature to look for in any set of ramps. Folding ramps can fit perfectly at the back of your truck for easy storage.

When choosing a UTV, side by side or golf cart loading ramp, always consider the weight of your vehicle as well as the weight of the person loading it. The load capacity of any loading ramp depends on the weight of the vehicle that you'll be loading and the person that will drive it. Also, choose the right ramp length for your loading requirement. Use our handy Ramp Calculator to find the perfect length of ramp for your vehicle.