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Oxford Plastics SupaGrip SafeKerb Ramp Reviews

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  • What are the dimensions of this ramp? Please include the amount of lift.

    Hi Paul,

    Thank you for your enquiry.

    The dimensions of this ramp is as follows:

    Overall Width: 1282mm Width between side guards: 1219mm Length: 760mm Weight: 10kg Loading capacity: 350 kgs
    Hope this helps. For additional details, you can email us at

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  • Hi, My step height varies from right side 170mm to left side 160mm. Can I still use this ramp?

    Hi Jackie,

    The Oxford Plastics SupaGrip SafeKerb Ramp is about 760mm long. Using this at 160-170mm high, it will give you an angle of about 11.9-12.6 degrees, which is not too steep for pedestrian use but might be a little if used as wheelchair access. You can check how the slope looks like through our ramp calculator. Simply put in the legth of the ramp and the height of application and it will show you the angle you would get based on those data.

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