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WM System Aluminium Super-Light Van Ramp, 250kg Capacity Reviews

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  • 1 1) Is the wire see through available on 2m ramp? 2)do all swivel out as needed to load groceries etc in van? 3) Also does it fit a Nissan El Grand van? 4) can one medium size person remove it by themselves?

    Hi Gil,

    Thank you for your enquiry.

    To answer your questions, this ramp is a solid deck not mesh and it is a fixed ramp with a swivel.

    It can be removed very quickly and easily by a medium built person because it has 2 quick release bolts and only weight approximately 35kgs.

    As for the El Grande, we know that it will fit the van door rear opening and our installation tema had a  look underneath and can't see any thing that will create too much of a problem, but they can't see what is under the carpet with seat tracks, reinforcing, (spare wheel?) etc. until they pull the van apart to fit.

    Is there any way that you can bring the van to us to do a free inspection to see if there is anything in the way?

    Please email me at for additional details.

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