Heeve Driveway Rubber Kerb Ramp in 1m Sections for Rolled-Edge Kerb

by Heeve
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Heeve 100% Recycled Rubber Rolled-Edge Kerb Gutter Ramp With In-Built Channel For Water To Flow. Available in 1-meter Long Sections from Ramp Champ

Rubber Rolled-Edge Driveway Kerb Ramp, 1m Sections main image

Made of 100% recycled rubber, the Rolled Edge Kerb Ramp from Ramp Champ provides your driveway with a smooth transition while covering the gutter drainage underneath.

Quick and easy to install, this driveway kerb ramp is an economical solution to eliminate the bottoming out or scraping of your car every time you pull in or pull out of your driveway.

Engineered to perfection, this ramp offers you comfort without protruding into the roadway thus posing no obstruction or violation.

It is easy to lift by a single person to clean debris collected underneath or to relocate.

Due to the fact that rubber is a naturally resistant material, the rolled driveway rubber gutter ramp also provides natural traction even in wet condition, it won't slip and does not need to be bolted to the ground.

The ramp features an inbuilt channel to flow out natural runoff. It is compatible with houses on a cul-de-sac (dead-end-street).

Please Check With Your Local Council First...

For detailed regulations and to ensure that a kerb ramp is allowed in your area, contact your local council before purchasing and installing any kerb ramp.

Features and Benefits:

  • Comes in easy to handle 1m sections
  • Made of 100% recycled rubber
  • Provides a smooth transition
  • Economical and durable
  • Doesn’t protrude into roadway
  • Easy to install
  • Non-skid surface
  • Doesn’t needs to be bolted to ground
  • In-built channel to flow out runoff water
  • Custom lengths available upon request!


  • Length: 1000mm
  • Underside length:
    • Longer side: 210mm
    • Channel: 90mm
    • Short side: 100mm
  • Width: 390mm
  • Height (in centre): 55mm
  • Weight: 10kg each

Colour Options

All Heeve Rubber ramps come standard in black. Custom colours are an additional 20% on top of the item cost and are available upon request before ordering. 

Enviro rubber Heeve ramp colour options


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Note: Colour, tone, finish and style of actual products may differ from those shown in the product images.

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Questions & Answers

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  • Will it work with the rolled type gutters we have in QLD

    Hi Andy,

    Good question!

    The Heeve Driveway Rubber Kerb Ramp in 1m Sections for Rolled-Edge Kerb would work on a rolled edge kerb. To be sure, would you be able to send me photos of the driveway where it will be applied? You can send it to hello@rampchamp.com.au

  • I have a motorhome that requires a ramp to get over the gutter. Will the ramp be suitable to its weight.

    Hi Christine,

    Yes, the Heeve Driveway Rubber Kerb Ramp in 1m Sections for Rolled-Edge Kerb will be suitable to accommodate the weight of your motorhome. The ramp have been tested using firetrucks and heavy machine of up to 10-15 tonne :)

  • What is the standard life of this product?

    Hi Steve,

    We don't have an exact time frame as to how long the Heeve Driveway Rubber Kerb Ramp in 1m Sections for Rolled-Edge Kerb last but because this is made of 100% recycled rubber, you can be sure that it will last for a very, very long time :)

  • Hi There, We have a normal garage entrance of 2800mm and as it is facing south when the rain hits the door the rain comes under the door. This looks like it would work but note that there is no curb that it sits in so that we will drive up it one way and then essentially "squash" it going out. Will it work?

    Hi Ron,

    Thank you for your enquiry!

    To better assist you, please contact us direct at hello@rampchamp.com.au as we may need to see a photo of your driveway to check on suitability.

  • do you do supply and install - gold coast

    Hi Jason,

    We only supply the Heeve Driveway Rubber Kerb Ramp in 1m Sections for Rolled-Edge Kerb but we don't do installation. It's easy to install anyway, all you need is Sikaflex to permanently fix it to the ground.

    Please note it is highly recommended to contact your local council prior installation :)

  • How long is current lead time ? What is the beat way to cut the ramp? My curb is not rolled just normal but my low car scrapes because of the upward angle of the driveway. Are these ramps appropriate ?

    Hi Barry,

    Thanks for you enquiry.

    These kerb ramps are in stock and can be shipped immediately. They are made of pure rubber so you can cut them to fit however you like, but since these ramps are made for rolled-edge kerbs, I would recommend using the Barrier Group Kerrb Ramp.

    Can you please send me photos of where you want to install them so I could give you some recommendations? You can email me on hellp@rampchamp.com.au.

    Hope this helps.

    Thank you :)

  • Is this in stock?

    Hi Jimmy,

    Thank you for your enquiry! :)

    Yes, these kerb ramps are currently in stock. Would you like some assistance to purchase them?

  • How do I fasten the ramp to the road?

    Hi there, 

    Good question. 

    These ramps sit on the concrete kerb and are not designed to be bolted in place. However, previous customers told us that they have drilled holes in the kerb ramp and have used Dyna bolts to attach the kerb ramp to the concrete. We would recommend asking for written permission from your local Council before permanently fixing anything to the kerb. 

  • Can I order a specific length, or does it only come in multiples of 1m?

    These driveway ramps only come in lengths of 1m. However, many people often cut the ramps to suit their own driveway width.

  • Just wanted to confirm that I literally just have to lay it down on the kerb to install? And how many 1m pieces come with the $249 price? Cheers

    Hi Muz, 

    Yes that is correct, no installation required for this driveway kerb ramp. Bolting on the ground is just an option for security purposes. Each $249.00 comes with one 1m sections.

  • How do these fit curved kerbs?

    Hi Rob, 

    These Rubber Rolled-Edge Driveway Kerb Ramp, 1m Sections are most suited for straight kerbs. However, the Ezi-Curb Rolled-Edge Driveway Kerb Ramp will be your best option as they are perfectly suitable for curved ones. 

  • Do you guys ship to the United States?

    Hi Sherman, 

    Excellent question!

    We sure can! Please shoot us an email at hello@rampchamp.com.au and we'll be glad to assist :)

  • need to suit rolled curved driveway in cul de sac

    Hi Warwick, 

    For Cul De Sac kerbs, I'll recommend you go for the curved Ezi-Curb Rolled-Edge Driveway Kerb Ramp. What length do you need? Shoot us an email at hello@rampchamp.com.au and I'll help you get a detailed pricing with freight to your location. 

  • I live in the UNited States. I have a corvette with low splitter on front end. My driveway is 19 ft long and the curb is approx 3 inches in heght. Which ramp would eork best?

    Great question. We'd love to help but as you're located in the US, shipping from Australia may be quite expensive! A local ramp supplier such as Discount Ramp may be able to assist with something a lot closer to you.

    To answer your question though, these driveway ramps are best suited for rolled edge kerbs (curbs) with a height of 55mm (2 inches). If you have a straight edge kerb (curb) the Barrier Group Rubber Kerb Ramp may be a better option.

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